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Hi, I am a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh having studied a Masters in Biomedical Sciences and having worked as an online tutor for the past 2 years. I was part of the first year group to sit the new Higher Maths, Human Biology, English, Chemistry and Geography courses and scored A*A*AAA*. This lead me to do Advanced Highers in Maths, Biology and Chemistry too. Throughout my high school experience and through tutoring, I have come to appreciate the importance of realising how you learn best; whether that be through short video clips, diagrams, flashcards, quick-fire questions etc. My aim is to increase your confidence during every lessons whilst providing enjoyable ways of learning the content. In addition, I also think it is really important to not only learn the topic well but also be able to apply this knowledge in your exam. Therefore, I use a lot of exam-style questions to ensure you are as well prepared as possible. I first started online tutoring during lockdown in 2020 as a hobby. However, I had been teaching and helping others in their studies long before then. This includes teaching Maths to friends in school after class, helping my siblings with their exam preparation and teaching others in the neighbourhood. Now, I hope to continue tutoring online alongside my studies with the goal of building a teaching career after University. My favourite thing about tutoring is being able to make learning easier for students. Many students especially in high school do not enjoy classes because they don't understand the topic and the teaching style does not suit them. I aim to change this by working with each student to understand how they learn best so lessons can be made more enjoyable. Succeeding in a subject or topic that was once challenging is a great feeling and I aim to help students achieve this through tailored and enjoyable lessons. I like to start my lessons with a quick recap of what was covered in the previous session. This might take the form of a quick-fire question round or talking through the formulae covered previously. Then, we tend to commence with the main body of the lesson - whether it be a new Maths topic, a new formula or a new section in Biology. Here, we will go through the background/theory and explanations of the topic and weave in many exam-style questions to understand how this topic may be evaluated in an exam/test setting. I also like to encourage students to discuss their workings for some questions by explaining each step to me as if I was a fellow student who did not understand the topic. This reinforces the student's understanding whilst highlighting any gaps we still need to address. Finally, we finish off with a short summary of what was covered during the lesson and often any top tips to remember any formulae etc. We will also discuss what other topics the student struggles with so we can integrate this into the following session.

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