Scott F

My constant goal is to make learning guitar as fun as possible!!!

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A bit about Scott F

I am obsessed with the guitar... and my aim is to make you feel the same way! 


Hi folks, my name is Scott and I am a professional guitarist around the UK, Europe and Asia. 
I was actually a late bloomer into music... I first picked a guitar up when I was 18 years old... but I quickly became obsessed with it. 

I had a passion to learn more and more about all aspects of the guitar, including - the anatomy of the guitar, guitar scales, open and barre chords, basic and advanced fingerpicking, strumming techniques, jazz standards, blues and dobro guitar, open tunings and many more aspects.

During my time travelling and performing around many places, such as Israel and Thailand I also feel I have picked up some great techniques and approaches... I hope to share them with you. 

My aim now, as a teacher, is to make the lessons as fun as possible... learning anything can be a bit boring at times... but my aim is to keep it as enjoyable and fun as possible... then hopefully I slip in the boring stuff where possible. 

My Education In Music :-

  • Music GCSE (school level)
  • Level 1 Music Theory
  • Level 2 Music Theory
  • Level 1&2 Music Production, Mixing and Mastering
  • Fret Dojo Jazz guitar student
  • Level 1&2 Blues Guitar completed
  • Dobro and Fingerpicking Guitar completed
  • Guitar open tunings completed
  • Level 1 Lutherie and Guitar repairing


My Teaching Experience :-

  • I started teaching as a private tutor around London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent areas in the UK... my students were mainly adults.
  • I then started running an after-school teaching club which generated usually 5-10 children weekly.
  • Once I moved to Asia, teaching became a much more prominent part of my career as I continued doing after-school clubs, I also worked as a freelance music tutor for Robinsons school of music in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Over the past 2 years I have branched out into Online teaching much more... through traveling around Asia and Europe I have become very well versed in all of the video calling tools... and implemented good systems of using them to teach students guitar.
  • I currently have 2 guitar courses on, with a 3rd on the way... I am in the process of opening my own guitar teaching and jamming website. I also have a YouTube teaching channel.
  • I have also helped students with guitar purchases, I have helped with repairs and guitar set ups, I have spent a lot of time learning and researching how guitars are made and what guitars create different sounds... I also have a very eclectic music taste... so I feel I offer more than just a normal guitar teacher.
  • I have taught students from England, America, Thailand, France, Germany and China... 
  • I've taught age groups from 5 years old up to 70 years old. I am confident I can get the information over to you, whatever the situation.

So that’s a bit about me... I hope to see you for the first lesson soon and keep on rocking!!!


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Music Primary
Instruments Guitar
Instruments Singing