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I am currently a subject lead in the school I work for. I teach both GCSE and A level Sociology (AQA exam board). The topics I teach at A level include, Education, methods in context, theories and methods, families and households, beliefs in society and crime and deviance. The topics I teach at GCSE include, research methods, families, education, crime and social stratification. I have been an examiner for 5 years. I have marked both GCSE and A level papers, so I have very good knowledge on exam criteria and how to get A*/9. I have a degree in Psychology and I have completed my teacher training ( Social science PGCE) in Leicester, where I had the opportunity to work in two different comprehensive schools. In the school I currently teach I am a qualified lead practitioner, where I lead on the teaching and learning of the school and I have experience of mentoring staff. I also have experience of mentoring students who have not fulfilled their potential and I am experienced with one to one intervention sessions. My teaching and learning style includes a variety of different strategies. Firstly, I have excellent subject knowledge, so I am able to answer all questions and content, exam papers and exam criteria. I am also able to deliver excellent content knowledge. I am very good at questioning and asking open follow up questions to check student understanding. My questioning involves command words from the specification. I am aware each student is unique, therefore I differentiate based on student needs. My lessons will be content and exam skills focused. Formative assessment for learning strategies will include, quizzes, exam questions, educational games, key words tests and other testing. I ensure that all lessons are fun and engaging through matching activities, educational games, and stimulating ways of testing. I am currently head of department and have been a head of department for 6 years. I have been teaching for around 8 years in total. I teach both GCSE and A level sociology and I achieve the highest results in the school. In the most recent examination series, 7 students achieved an A * and 20 students achieved a grade A. The GCSE Sociology results have also been the best in the school for the past 6 years. I have so much experience with ensuring students who are not fulfilling their potential is able to exceed their potential. I have excellent knowledge on how to get the highest results. In my free time, I like to go swimming and for walks. I also love travelling to countries. I have been to Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries. I specialist in Sociology -A level and GCSE. I have excellent subject knowledge for both GCSE and A level. I have a degree in Psychology but completed my teaching training in Sociology and Psychology. I am also a qualified lead practitioner which means I have experience of managing staff and one to one and group interventions. At the start of the lesson, I check for understanding from previous lessons and topics. This allows content and exam skills ti be retrieved into the long term memory. The main part of my lessons include, Stimulating activities to process content and exam skills. Towards the end of the lesson, I will check student understanding using a variety of teaching and learning strategies. Even both waiting to the end of the lesson, I will test knowledge throughout the lesson and if I feel like the student has not progressed I will intervene and try another teaching and learning strategy. I started tutoring 5 years ago. I have tutored one to one but also run group sessions. I run one to one intervention sessions in the school I work for too. I like the fact that Sociology could be linked to real life contemporary examples. I also like the fact that students could relate to the subject, particularly when studying concepts such as social inequality, poverty and culture. I like to make sure students achieve the best possible grade. I like to see students learn and progress and develop the best skills to succeed in life. I also like to build a strong rapport with my clients. My teaching philosophy is hard work and passion for subject. I feel like if you are passionate about your subject, everything else flows more smoothly, as the interaction and engagement becomes strong. Students love the fact that I have excellent subject knowledge and that I could explain concepts, theories, explanations in ways that make students understand. Students also love the idea that I have excellent knowledge on exam skills and that I am an examiner who has been marking for many years. Students also like the fact that I build strong relationships with them as I could relate to them. I have managed to achieve the best results in the school that I work for. The progress 8 score for GCSE sociology is 1.75+ and for A levels it’s Alps 2. I have also ensured that students who were working at a 3/4 were able to get a 9 at GCSE. Passion for subject and helping young people develop intellectual and social skills, so that they become responsible and hard working students in society. I like to swim at my local leisure centre and Lido. Brisk walking in the evening helps me reflect on my day and is good for mindfulness. I love to travel the world and I have been to many different countries such as Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Greece.

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