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Education means inspiring someone's mind, not just filling their head.

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Niah is an experienced and personable English tutor from primary school years to GCSE level. Niah has worked with children needing extra support who may struggle in a class setting and her style of tutoring puts students at ease.

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My favourite thing about being a tutor is how rewarding it is. As a tutor, you are given the opportunity to build many impactful rapports with your students. Due to lessons being 1-1, they can be as relaxed as you'd like which often leads to gaining much more positive results from the session. The best part is when a student finally understands everything you've been going through with them, or when they show you they've hit their desired grade... the excitement and thrill they portray is beyond fulfilling. My teaching style is mostly discussion based. I find that students take more information in and are more wiling to participate when they feel like they have a say in the way they would like to learn. A discussion based approach provides emphasis on learning instead of teaching. This method creates a platform for students to not only ask questions, but explain their reasoning and check understanding. Additionally, it gives the opportunity to listen to other thoughts in order to help them comprehend the material themselves. My lessons are usually split into five parts: Aims; what we aim to achieve/go over in the session. Introduction to new material; a breakdown of the main focus of our session. Guided practice; a discussion coinciding with a team orientated way to go over the new material. Independent practice; allowing the student to attempt a section of the work themselves and lastly Closure/Recap; an overview of the session with a discussion surrounding any further questions. The last fragment of the lesson will also include the setting and feedback of homework (if applicable).

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