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A bit about Lucy C

Having been a teacher in various roles for over 15 years, I have been lucky enough to have built up a wealth of experience teaching students from a range of backgrounds and circumstances, with a range of learning styles. This has led me to developed an expert understanding of barriers to learning that many students experience. Overcoming these barriers and stretching students to develop their full potential has always been at the forefront of my teaching practice; helping students succeed whilst also encouraging a love of learning. I pride myself on creating positive learning environments, personalised resources, detailed feedback and encouragement which appeal to students of all abilities.

I was lucky enough to study for my QTS alongside teaching in an inner London school. In addition to my teaching experience, my role as Coordinator and Director of Learning for English as an additional language plus my fluency in both Italian and Spanish have had a positive impact on my classroom practice and knowledge of pedagogy. I have also taken an active role in staff training and development; supporting the teaching of EAL students across the school. 

Having incorporated Google Classroom into my practice since September 2018, and including new technology regularly, means I am adept at teaching online. I am proud to have been able to deliver a full timetable of learning to students in key stages 3 - 5 during the last academic year with a focus on the wellbeing of my students and discussions around global and national events. 

My tutoring sessions are collaborative, personalised and incorporate a range of resources and online learning tools to help students succeed and ensure they are motivated and engaged.

Continuous training has meant I have a strong knowledge of current curricula at KS3, KS4 and KS5, as well as texts and authors can supplement and compliment them. Having successfully taught exam classes for the last 6 years, I have an excellent insight into skills needed for success in the EDEXCEL, AQA, iGCSE syllabi and the IB pathway and have a confident understanding of the skills tested in other exam boards. In addition to my teaching experience, I am also an examiner for IB and EDEXCEL English language and literature. I have always ensured student GCSE readiness and confidence through well planned, excellently delivered lessons and exam preparation sessions. 


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