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I first started tutoring when I was 16 and have been teaching for 5 years now. Everyone thinks and learns differently which is why I make sure to tailor each session/subject to the student. As a student myself for the last 18 years, I have learnt how to work smart rather than hard. I am currently at the University of Cambridge studying an interdisciplinary subject that sits in between the sciences and the humanities. Some of my hobbies include playing/writing music, practising martial arts and swimming. In my free time, I love learning languages and travelling to the respective countries to practice them. Usually, I'll start off by quickly recapping things from the last session either verbally or by a quick quiz. Then we move on to aspects/queries that might be unclear from homework that would have been set previously or other class questions. Before each session, I would have planned out what new content from the school syllabus we would be covering and this would take up the rest of the tutorial. Each session will come with handouts that will either be sent before or after the session digitally to be consolidated by the student. If the student has homework or classwork they would like to cover, this can also be done. I believe most of my students enjoy our lessons together because I make sure to understand them and their learning styles before anything else. Once they start learning and studying in methods that suit their learning style, they are able to excel in their subjects and gain confidence to help themselves. Secondly, as I'm hoping most tutors do- I don't judge! We were all students at one point- a lot of us still are and will be. I sincerely believe that not knowing something means you have cognitive capacity, a blank canvas with a lot of potential. I do think that being able to clarify even the smallest things, is a success in itself- if students are able to walk away from a tutorial having understood or having learnt something they did not know before, that is an achievement. In doing so, I have worked with students in their 11+ exams and GCSEs, helping them get into their schools of choice. Additionally, preparing students for their A-Levels to get into Oxbridge and other Russel Group universities. My parents were both teachers and I have had the privilege of learning from them and from some incredible teachers/professors at school and university. I sincerely believe that everyone can learn and that too quite easily if they are orientated the right way and are given some guidance. Not only will it benefit the students themselves, but this will go onto also help others. Essentially, I believe education should be more accessible to students. I teach every exam board apart from WJEC (unless it is for geology) and can teach from year 2 to year 13, including Oxbridge interview and assessment preparation. Outside of teaching, I am a full time student. When I'm not studying, I am performing at concerts, playing in university sports teams, learning new languages and reading. I have 11 GCSEs (English literature, English language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, History, Religious Studies and French) including Geology which I did two years early in year 9- mainly grades 9 & 8 or A*/A in the old system. In addition to this, I have ABRSM certificates in music for singing and cello- with my average grade being a distinction. I also have Level 2 & 3 CISI certificates in corporate finance, completed over 2 years. Dedication, determination and discipline. In following these values myself, I have been able to help my students grasp this approach in everything they do, not just in their studies. Doing so helps them work smart, not hard. Showing students that they have the capacity to learn things themselves. The best thing is when a student stops seeing a challenge as a difficulty and starts viewing them as an opportunity to use and expand their knowledge. I enjoy teaching both the sciences and the humanities- it is extremely difficult to choose just one thing, nevertheless, I think both subjects require analytical skills which are applicable to almost every job and field out there! There are countless possibilities you can use either of them for and I think it is brilliant that most of these subjects are so versatile.

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Subject Level
Maths Primary
Maths KS3
Maths IB
Maths GCSE
Maths A-Level
English Primary
English KS3
English IB
English GCSE
English A-Level
English Literature KS3
English Literature GCSE
Science Primary
Science KS3
Biology IB
Biology GCSE
Biology A-Level
Chemistry IB
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Physics IB
Physics GCSE
Physics A-Level
French General
Latin Latin
Geography Primary
Geography KS3
Geography IB
Geography GCSE
Geography A-Level
History Primary
History KS3
History IB
History GCSE
History A-Level
Religious Education GCSE
Programming KS2
Programming KS3
Programming Python
Music Primary
Music KS3
Music GCSE
Instruments Guitar
Instruments Keyboard
Instruments Piano
Instruments Singing
11+ 11+
Essay Writing Essay Writing
Exam Technique Exam Technique
Revision Skills Revision Skills
Personal Statements General
Oxbridge Preparation Oxbridge Preparation
French GCSE
Chemistry KS3
Biology KS3
Physics KS3
Combined Science GCSE

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