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Education should be accessible to all!! Neha strongly believes everyone deserves a fair chance in school. She is passionate about delivering reasonably priced lessons to students, helping them to perform at their best!

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Maths and Chemistry were my favourite subjects in school so I am especially passionate about teaching them to both A level and GCSE Students! I have also achieved A*s in both these subjects. I also have experience participating and achieving awards in extracurricular activities such as the Chemistry Olympiad which has helped me expand my knowledge of these subjects. I have also tutored both A level and GCSE students in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. In the past, I have also tutored Primary school as well as KS3 students in Maths and English, therefore, I am comfortable with these subjects as well. I am DBS checked and I have worked with school aged children in the past aswell! In 2022 I completed my A Levels and achieved the following results : A Level Chemistry - A* A Level Maths - A* A Level Biology - A During my GCSEs, I was able to achieve 3 As (7) and 7 A*s (9/8) even though my cohort was largely disadvantaged by being the first year to undergo remote learning as well as to receive Teacher assessed grades. I was also placed in the top decile with my UCAT score. I teach both Chemistry and Maths to all year groups. Currently, I am a medical student so I'm happy to read over personal statements, check for any spelling/ grammatical errors as well as give feedback. Similarly, if you are confused about the UCAS admissions process I am happy to talk you through it and share relevant resources! Education should be accessible to all!! I strongly believe everyone deserves a fair chance in school, that is why I am passionate about delivering reasonably priced lessons to students. Allowing them to perform at their best!

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Maths Primary
Maths KS3
Maths GCSE
Maths A-Level
Science KS3
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Chemistry KS3

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