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A-Level & GCSE English tutor with a First Class Durham degree.

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Esalan has over 5 years tutoring experience and loves seeing her students excel.

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A-Level & GCSE English tutor (5+ years) with a First Class Durham degree and M.A. I have helped a wide range of students improve their grades and gain confidence in their ability to pass their exams with flying colours. I am intent on ensuring that each individual student feels nurtured while being challenged to achieve highly. I consider every student’s learning style and design activities that are engineered to help them reach their potential. Examples of texts I teach include: Macbeth, Inspector Calls, Of Mice and Men, A Christmas Carol, A Streetcar Named Desire, Hamlet, Keats' poetry, Frankenstein, The Handmaid's Tale, King Lear, Lord of the Flies, Much Ado About Nothing, Jane Eyre, and Blood Wedding. Esalan focuses on ensuring her students' familiarity with the exam texts through the lens of exam technique so that when they come to sit the exams, they are able to employ the full range of what they have learned. She is extremely enthusiastic about English, especially Shakespeare, and finds that her own love for the texts and expansive knowledge allows her to engage with students in a variety of ways, each unique and subsequently tailored to the individual student. At the beginning of each lesson, Esalan will do a starter exercise to assess the student's mood and level of engagement, before moving on to using exam questions to teach new skills and revise content for the middle portion of the lesson, always checking in on how the student is finding the difficulty level of the work. At the end of a lesson, Esalan likes to do "two stars and a wish": the student writes down two things they learned or are proud of themselves for, and one thing they want to improve and focus on next time. This way, Esalan knows how the student feels about their level of achievement, and what they are worried about so she can customise the next lesson's content accordingly. I am a writer/director currently working on developing my next production. I am an avid reader and have a great love of organisation and implementing new systems for greater efficacy. I like going on walks, watching new films, and trying out different recipes. I do daily pilates and yoga to maintain a healthy mindset. 'Esalan tutored our daughter for English Literature from age 13. She really helped her achieve her potential and the grade A* at A level was an exceptional achievement. Thanks Esalan. She is also very trustworthy and considerate and I wholeheartedly recommend her.' - David G (Parent) 'Amazing tutor! Esalan's lessons have really helped me excel in my A-Level exams. Highly recommended.' - Jake (A-Level English Literature student) 'Helped me achieve a great improvement on analysing and identifying exam-style questions in order to improve my answering skills and techniques. Also, the explanation is simplified so that it is easy to understand.' - Thomas (GCSE English Lang & Lit student)

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