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I am an experienced, fully qualified English teacher and AQA Examiner.

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Felicity is a qualified English teacher and has been teaching for 10 year, she is extremely passionate about her subject and has had great success with her students.

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Having an MA in Literature, this is absolutely my specialist subject and my passion! I have ten years experience teaching GCSE Literature and language on the AQA spec and four years teaching it at A Level. I am a former head of department with a wealth of knowledge of the curriculum,approaches to teaching and examinations. I have also spent eight years as a mentor in several teacher training programs. In addition to this experience, I am also an active examiner for the AQA and have been for 5 years. I have helped lots of students, from both high and low level abilities, achieve their goals and desired results and I have a great reputation for success at all key stage levels. Whether it’s preparing you for GCSEs in KS3, teaching you how to achieve your desired grade at KS4 or supporting and expanding your thinking at KS5 I am here to help! I am a passionate and dedicated teacher with over ten years experience behind me. My main love is for Literature, especially poetry and Shakespeare but I also have a lot of joy in teaching language at both KS3 and KS4. Before becoming a teacher I set up my own theatre company following my completion of my masters degree and I have used third experience to teach both English and drama GCSEs: it also finds its way into my teaching style! My hobbies include performing in amateur dramatics, running, playing the piano, reading and writing and photography. I have a two year old black German Shepherd who I adore and last year I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who was born on my birthday! The lessons will be fully tailored to meet your individual needs and ensure you feel confident and positive about learning. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a stupid question: this is the ethos I have in the classroom and it translates into my tutoring also. Our initial lessons will be designed to assess in your strengths and weaknesses and I will formulate a scheme of work specifically constructed to build your confidence and understanding, with active teaching and modelling. Throughout my many years of teaching I have created and accumulated a range of teaching resources that will be available to you, as well as revision booklets and exam papers. Together we will set goals and after each lesson we will review what we have learned and anything you may need clarifying in the next session. Each session will open with a recall activity specifically tailored to what was covered previously and I will set and mark exam questions between lessons to aid further with your learning. Together we will ensure you reach your target grade, and beyond! I absolutely adore English! Teaching and exploring something I love with students is what drew me to teaching and my passion and love for the subject is something that is often commented on by my students! I love a challenge, so if there is something about English Literature or language you really don’t enjoy, beware! I will work to change your mind!

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