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Experienced teacher, tutor and examiner-Religious Studies/Philosophy

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Natalie is a qualified tutor who is reactive to students' needs. She uses a mixed approach to help students reach their maximum potential.

A bit about Natalie M

I have 10 years experience in the classroom and as an online tutor . My lessons put the student at the centre of their learning , so every lesson is individually tailored to the students needs. I really enjoy what I do and aim to make every lesson enjoyable and interesting. I specialise in A level Religious Studies and Philosophy. I have taught IB TOK and tutored undergraduate Philosophy students . In addition to this I teach TEFL English online . I can offer intensive courses over the summer for anyone wishing to go over year 12 content or year 11’s wishing to get a head start in their upcoming A level RS or Philosophy course . I always start with a short starter activity which may be a technical word check, a provocative question or a recap of previous learning. Regardless of the focus of the lesson, material is always designed to make the student fully engaged . We might have a discussion about one particular idea, a talking essay or consider how other parts of the spec might be useful in providing a higher level argument for example. Towards the end of the lesson all the ideas we have discussed come together in a variety of forms; a quiz, a dialogue , a conclusive statement and so on . Homework is always given and blended leaning is offered to help students aim higher . Students really value the fact that lessons are tailored to their particular needs. I spend a lot of time ensuring each student has precisely the right lesson to enable them to be successful. Students also enjoy their lessons . As a teacher I believe a student will only learn if they genuinely enjoy their experience. I teach and examine A level Religious studies and Philosophy but also have a number of years experience teaching GCSE and IB . I have experience teaching and tutoring with all the A level exam boards and currently examine for OCR, AQA and the IB. My qualifications include a PGCE, PGDIp Philosophy, BA hons Philosophy and TEFL.

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Philosophy A-Level
Philosophy Degree
Religious Education GCSE
Religious Education A-Level

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