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Having recently graduated with a first class honours in Maths in 2021, Tahidur has a real passion for his subject and can offer first hand knowledge and experience to help students gain confidence and reach their potential

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I specialise in Mathematics as I have a first class Bachelors degree in Mathematics. It has always been my strongest subject from a young age as well as the subject I most enjoy. I believe this joy is shown in my tutoring approach. Begin with a starter covering the previous sessions work to help refresh the students memory. Introduce the new topic with a few examples. Then go through a question or two together before allowing the student to have a go independently. Then have a go at some higher level/more challenging questions together. Finally concluding with some self reflection discussing what went well and what was challenging and why. I started tutoring around 2 years ago in October 2020 and gave since tutored over 1700 hours worth of lessons across primary and secondary school in both Maths and Science. I have worked with a range of abilities in this time from those aiming for grade 9 and those working at a grade 1. This has enabled me to understand the different approaches required in order to help give a student the best possible tutoring experience. I love that once you know how to do something in Maths you can apply it to a whole host of different questions and it is very easy to see when you are doing it correctly as Maths is a place where you can always check if your answer makes sense relative to the question you are given by substituting your answer into the question. Seeing the impact I can have on students in not only their understanding of a topic but in their confidence and self-esteem. Helping them develop their self belief and self confidence is such a euphoric feeling as a tutor as once a student has this belief in themselves then they can achieve their full potential. I have a very interactive teaching style where I will constantly interact with the student to try and get them to engage with me as much as possible as I believe this allows me to understand the needs of the student and how they work best and then once I have established this I know how to work with that particular student. First class Honours in Mathematics from Manchester Metropolitan University. One of my most memorable experiences tutoring is actually from my time as a student myself where I tutored one of my friends and helped him achieve a grade A in Maths when he was predicted a C. This was a great feeling personally as this was one of my closest friends and made it that more special.

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