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William Lowe


Experienced IB/GCSE Maths Tutor currently studying at Imperial College

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William is a passionate tutor who uses a diversified range of teaching methods to help his students.

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I specialise in teaching IB Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches) at higher or standard level as well as (i)GCSE maths. I have experience tutoring a range of age groups from year 7 to 13 and have an in-depth understanding of both these subjects, having achieved a 7 in Higher Level Maths. I continue to study mathematics at a more advanced level within my Aeronautical Engineering degree at Imperial College London. I believe teaching should always be adapted in a way to be most beneficial towards the student. For me that means identifying how a student best works and tailoring a session to them in order to maximise their learning. In a subject such as maths where complex concepts need to be understood, this is key. I like to start by having a discussion with the student in which they can bring up any issues or doubts they've had within the subject. Following that, I will then make sure there aren't any misconceptions or misunderstandings of the topic by asking them questions before moving on to attempting some practice questions together. Near the end of the lesson, the student will generally try some harder questions on their own to solidify what has been learnt. When going through the IGCSE and IB maths courses myself, I often found textbooks would explain concepts in a non-intuitive fashion. This would mean I would have to waste time watching YouTube videos and online lessons just to learn ideas that would eventually seem simple when explained in a certain way. This is ultimately what inspired me to be a tutor, as I believe having someone I could have spoken to in a one-on-one setting about topics I didn't fully understand would have been invaluable and saved me a lot of time.

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