Dr. J

Physics is my passion. Maths is the toolbox.

£30 per hour

You can book a free 20 minute, no-commitment introduction with any of our tutors. How does this work?

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

I have a Master of Physics degree (1st class), which is a combined Bachelor and Master degree, and also a Doctor of Philosophy degree (in Physics), both from the University of Manchester. As well as this I have a University Teaching Qualification, which is a requirement to lecture at university in the Netherlands (although I'm from the UK, I was a professor of physics in the Netherlands for more than a decade).

What is your teaching style?

I have experimented with many different teaching styles but I am a huge fan of project- and problem-based learning as well as self learn with steering from me. It depends on the subject. It depends on the student. It depends on the interaction. Everyone is different and a tailored approach is best.

When did you first start tutoring?

I have been tutoring since the final year of my MPhys degree, which I graduated in 2001. I began by helping out a neighbour's child with GCSE science. Then, as he progressed to A-level, I stayed with him but also joined a local tutoring agency too and picked up more students from the town. Jumping forwards many years, as a professor of physics at university I found myself again tutoring the neighbours but now in a different language! I love teaching!


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