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Sasha is a passionate and committed tutor who adjusts each lesson to suit the needs of the student.

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Over my 3 years of tutoring in the academic sphere, I have greatly developed my skills in critical thinking, evaluation and its application to both A-level and degree-written assignments. I always strive to implement this level of necessary, critical thinking in all of my taught subjects, an essential aspect of all humanities-based subjects I personally love teaching the Humanities because they are my area of intense interest. Since I can remember I have been fascinated and intrigued by all things History, Religious Traditions, World Cultures, Societies and Politics. They are an area of the world that I have spent most of my life engaging with, I am constantly seeking out more knowledge on these areas and I wish to share that with others on a similar path! I would say that my teaching style has developed as a result of my experiences, teaching students from as young as six years old, to senior learners going back to university or A-levels. This has allowed me to understand that the best way an individual student can learn, is for us both to understand what type of learner they are, what their specific goals are and what skills or areas of knowledge they specifically wish to develop. My method has to be unique and tailored towards every students goals, nuances and individuality! I think one of the aspects I love most about being a tutor is that it provides me with a unique type of reward in my life. There is something very special about being the individual who helps someone progress to the top heights of their life; I love explaining a concept or term or skill to my students, perhaps one that they previously struggled with, and seeing the happiness as they finally understand it.

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Subject Level
History KS3
History IB
History GCSE
History A-Level
History Degree
Religious Education KS3
Religious Education IB
Religious Education GCSE
Religious Education A-Level
Religious Education Degree
Sociology IB
Sociology GCSE
Sociology A-Level
Sociology Degree
Politics GCSE
Politics A-Level
Politics Degree

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