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Aamir Z


GCSE Physics & Maths Made Simple GCSE (AQA, Edexel, OCR)

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Experienced tutor of Maths and Physics

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As an experienced online educator, I have developed a teaching approach that centres around creating an engaging and accessible virtual learning environment. My teaching style emphasizes adaptability, student engagement, and personalized learning. I use technology and a variety of online tools to foster interactive and inclusive online classrooms, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to excel. My commitment to staying current with the latest online teaching methods ensures that my students receive a dynamic and effective education in the digital age. As an experienced online educator, I specialize in teaching GCSE Physics and Mathematics. My teaching approach is characterized by a strong emphasis on real-world application. I often use daily life examples to relate physics concepts and mathematical principles, making the subjects more relatable and understandable for students. My teaching journey has been versatile, with experience in online tutoring from 2015. I transitioned to traditional school teaching in 2017 but returned to online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Throughout my career, I've maintained connections with a select group of students through online platforms, gaining expertise in both online and in-person instruction. My lectures follow a structured approach, beginning with student questions and a recap of the previous lesson to ensure continuity in understanding. I then set clear lecture objectives and proceed with lesson delivery, covering key definitions, important terms, and real-life applications of the topic, as well as relevant formulas. I incorporate various questions to help students become familiar with formula rearrangement. At the end of the lesson, I conduct a comprehensive recap to reinforce key points and assess whether students have achieved the defined objectives. This methodology ensures that students receive a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. Teaching, for me, embodies continuous learning as I stay updated with evolving knowledge and techniques to best serve my students. It's about building meaningful relationships with students, colleagues, and parents, creating a supportive community of learners. In the classroom, creativity flourishes as I design engaging lessons and adapt to diverse learning styles. The sense of fulfillment I experience comes from witnessing my students' growth and success. Above all, I find deep satisfaction in contributing to society by shaping the next generation of informed, responsible, and compassionate individuals, making teaching a profoundly rewarding vocation. I have taught students ranging from IGCSE, GCSE, and those in year 7 to year 11. Outside of teaching, I have a deep passion for sports, particularly football and table tennis, which I enjoy playing. I'm also a music enthusiast, and I spend my free time playing the guitar and creating music tracks using FL Studio.

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Maths KS3
Maths GCSE
Physics GCSE
Instruments Guitar
Physics KS3

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