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As a highly skilled and experienced multilingual expert, I possess a deep passion for art and teaching that spans over a decade. My educational background includes a Master's degree from Bologna, where I specialized in teaching Italian and French as foreign languages. With my extensive expertise, I have honed the ability to accurately evaluate the proficiency level of my students, allowing me to design classes that are specifically tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. In my teaching approach, I incorporate a multimedia method that utilizes various tools such as audio, video, games, and an abundance of art materials. This approach not only ensures a dynamic and engaging learning environment but also strives to make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. By integrating different forms of media, I aim to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience, allowing my students to develop their language skills alongside their artistic abilities. My commitment to personalized instruction means that each lesson is thoughtfully crafted to meet the individual requirements of each student. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your language skills, I will adapt my teaching style to suit your learning pace and preferences, ensuring you make significant progress in a supportive and nurturing environment. By combining my passion for languages with my love for art, I strive to create a truly enriching learning experience for my students. Through my dedication, expertise, and the use of various multimedia resources, I aim to inspire and empower you to achieve your language learning goals while fostering your artistic talent. -Italian Language -French Language -History of Art (Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary) Outside of teaching, my interests span across a diverse range of fields that elevate my understanding and enrich my life. One such interest is rooted in exploring nature and the captivating world of fungi. Fascinated by their intricate forms and vital role in ecosystems, my passion drives me to delve deeper into understanding their interconnectedness with the natural world. Photography is another avenue through which I find joy and express my creativity. Capturing moments frozen in time allows me to further appreciate the beauty in the ordinary and marvel at the wonders surrounding me. Whether it is a stunning landscape or a delicate interaction between living beings, photography allows me to convey stories and emotions through visual art. Venturing beyond the realms of nature and visual arts, I am also enchanted by the transformative power of butoh and somatic practices. Butoh, an avant-garde dance form originating from Japan, captivates me with its ability to transcend boundaries and explore the depths of human expression through movement. Engaging in somatic practices, such as mindfulness and body awareness, further enhances my understanding of the mind-body connection, nurturing a profound sense of self-discovery and self-care. My interest in psychology is an ever-present flame that fuels my curiosity about the human mind and behavior. Exploring psychological theories and research broadens my perspective on how individuals perceive the world, interact with one another, and navigate life's challenges. This knowledge allows me to better understand the unique needs and perspectives of my students, emphasizing empathy and fostering a nurturing learning environment. In intertwining these diverse interests, I actively seek to bring elements of nature, art, embodiment, and psychology into my teaching practice. By incorporating these passions, I aim to inspire students to cultivate their own curiosity, deepen their connection with the world around them, and foster holistic growth beyond the boundaries of academia. Through a multidisciplinary approach, I strive to instill in my students a lifelong love for learning, encouraging them to explore and engage with the world through a variety of lenses. When it comes to achieving our goals and personal growth, it is essential to adopt a mindful and patient approach. By focusing on one thing at a time, we can give our full attention and energy to the task at hand. This focused mindset allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment and give our best effort. Just as a magnifying glass concentrates the sunlight to generate heat, directing our efforts towards one area amplifies our chance for success. Furthermore, it is crucial to remember that failure is an inevitable part of our journey towards success. Instead of fearing or avoiding failure, we should embrace it as a valuable opportunity for growth and learning. Accepting failure as a natural occurrence reminds us that it's okay to stumble along the way. Every setback presents an opportunity to gather insights, refine our approach, and ultimately come back stronger. By allowing ourselves to fail, we open the door to resilience, innovation, and an ever-evolving mindset. Pressuring ourselves excessively can hinder our progress and create unnecessary stress. By releasing the burden of self-imposed pressure, we can foster a more positive and supportive environment for growth. This perspective allows us to approach tasks with a sense of calm and clarity, enabling us to make better decisions and perform at our best. Embracing an attitude of self-compassion and understanding transforms our journey into a path of self-discovery and exploration rather than a race against unrealistic expectations.

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