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Kalprapran is a great communicator by ensuring his points are always delivered with precision. He explains ideas really well and engages consistently to allow sessions to remain interactive.

A bit about Kalpapran

My academic journey commenced at Christ University in 2018, where I pursued a honours in zoology, botany, and chemistry. This course significantly enhanced my skills pertinent to ecological conservation. Initially, adapting to the university's novel study and examination framework presented challenges in the first semester. However, through perseverance, my academic progression has been consistently upward. Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, I successfully graduated with First Class. I commenced my MRes studies in Biodiversity Conservation at Nottingham Trent University, honing further my analytical and technical competencies. Simultaneously, I undertook a remote internship with the Centre for Wildlife Studies, investigating patterns of big cat attacks on humans. During my MRes program, I conducted extensive research aimed at developing a predictive model for leopard density distribution across its habitat range, culminating in the successful completion of my MRes degree with Distinction. Drawing from my experience, I have previously tutored students pursuing GCSE and A levels during my undergraduate studies in Biology and Mathematics. Furthermore, I have delivered lectures to first-year undergraduates during my third year of studies. Equipped with these skills and a comprehensive knowledge base, I am well-equipped to provide effective tutoring and support to students seeking guidance in these subjects. I hold a Master's degree by research in Biodiversity Conservation, having emerged as the top student in my cohort and secured the second position within the School of Animal, Rural, and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. During my Master's program, I developed a predictive model for estimating leopard density across its habitat range. This endeavor further honed my statistical and biological proficiencies. Additionally, I possess a triple major degree in Zoology, Botany, and Chemistry, granting me a broad spectrum of knowledge spanning diverse fields such as immunology, biochemistry, mathematics, evolution, ecology, taxonomy, and reproductive systems. My academic background enables me to serve as a well-rounded tutor with a versatile understanding across various domains. My instructional approach is grounded in evidence-based methodologies. Typically, I begin by assessing the existing knowledge base of my students on a given topic, leveraging that foundation to further their understanding. I rely on evidence-backed examples to elucidate concepts, ensuring that lessons are both practical and enjoyable. This approach not only facilitates easier comprehension but also allows students to grasp the real-world implications of the subject matter. Rather than mere rote memorisation, students delve into understanding the significance of what they are studying. The culmination of my lessons involves presenting a set of problems for students to tackle, followed by comprehensive feedback aimed at reinforcing their learning experience.

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