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Professional Economics Tutor For GCSE and A levels

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Iman is a very passionate tutor who strives to help maximise her students' potential. She uses a diversified range of teaching methods to complement this.

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My name is Iman, I am a undergraduate, studying Economics with accounting at City university of London. I am highly passionate for Economics with a deep understanding of the subject. I am excited to share my knowledge and help students master this fascinating discipline. I believe in tailoring my teaching approach to the unique needs and learning style of each student. Whether you're struggling with microeconomics, macroeconomics or any other aspect of the subject, I'm here to provide personalized guidance. I make economics come to life by connecting theory to real-world applications. I believe that understanding how economic concepts apply to everyday life and current events is essential for a comprehensive grasp of the subject. Whether you need help preparing for exams, understanding class assignments, or working through problem sets, I am here to provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed. I tend to go through lectures notes / content briefly, and exam questions as well as case studies related to the real world in order to illustrate economic principles and show how they are used in practice. I also tend to provide online resources such as textbooks and assessment material, and exam questions feedback. At the beginning of each lesson, I quiz my students, and make sure homework is set after every lesson. Students will confidently approach me, and easily build a positive relationship with me in order to make economics fun. When I embarked on my journey as an economics tutor, it marked the beginning of a fulfilling chapter in my professional life. I started tutoring at the beginning of first year of University. I started approaching students who were hesitant with the basic concept of economics. I started giving lessons, weekly and made sure that my students would feel confident with exam questions and concepts. Over time, I honed my ability to communicate intricate economic ideas in an accessible manner, creating an engaging and supportive learning environment.

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