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Muhammad is a keen tutor who is looking forward to helping students achieve their best. He uses a multiple range of teaching methods, ensuring every student has their different preferences met

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I aim to bring a balance of enthusiasm and meticulousness when it comes to teaching. The teacher-student relationship is pivotal to helping a student progress, hence I emphasise the importance on getting to know my student through their hobbies and interests and relate that to their learning. I intend to expand on their knowledge by developing their concepts through a mixture active engagement where I will annotate concepts on the screen and then ask the student to annotate as well actively to keep the lesson flowing smoothly. We will go through the theory and the content, before then consolidating our learning on exam questions in the latter sect of the lesson which will give a realistic challenge of what you may be examined on. Learning from a textbook can only do wonders to a certain limit, but the art to teaching entails a variety of concepts that hold the opportunity to boost morale and confidence in the student's abilities. A concept which is equally important than the contextual learning itself since the drive and hunger to study harder derives from the faith you show in yourself and the support around you. My teaching philosophy to each student is to not only teach them academically- but to also learn about them as individuals, explore their hobbies and interests as well as making lessons engaging to retain knowledge from. By this method, it enhances the teacher-student relationship which is proven to extract greater results from both ends of the scope. This enables students to develop their interpersonal relationships in life and enhances their communication skills with their teachers in the outer world, and knowing how to best get the most of your teachers' presence. Tutoring not only gives me an opportunity to contribute to society, but also enables me to share my knowledge with others and help them understand concepts that will build the blocks for their future both academically and non-academically. It in turn also enables me to develop my interpersonal skills where it has helped increase my confidence and ability to build healthy rapports with others. This transcends into the outer world where I now hold even greater respect for my teachers, just by understanding the immense work that tutors put in to deliver their sessions with such magnificent patience and work ethic.

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