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Murrough M


Friendly & experienced teacher of English (KS3 and GCSE). MA and QTS.

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Murrough is a great communicator by ensuring his points are always delivered with precision. His diversified background and wealth of experience has guided him to create specialised tutoring sessions to help excel student objectives.

A bit about Murrough M

With over 22 years experience working in UK schools (I’m from Ireland originally) I’ve successfully taught all levels and always help my students achieve their exam goals. I take pride in my students success. I specialise in KS3 and 4 and can adapt to any learning style helping you to work hard in a relaxed and friendly learning environment. Bringing literature to life for my students is always a key aspect of my approach - great readers become great writers. Even though I love and use technology a great deal in my work I really believe in the power of books - if you are a lover of literature (or if you have previously found novels, poetry and plays hard to understand and respond to) I am confident I can help. I like to use a mix of resources and approaches ensuring that writing, reading, viewing and responding are part of every lesson. Variety of inputs and activities keep learning fun and stimulating. I love to use video and audio resources and to coach people on their reading skills. IT is a key component in my approach. Getting to know how different students learn and helping them to move towards their goals is always my aim. Each time I tutor a new person they are learning English and I am acquiring knowledge about them as a learner. Together we form a partnership that results in successful lessons and exam success. I work hard for you, you work hard for yourself. Together we map out a way to move you from where you are to where you want to go. I could not teach anything that I wasn’t interested in and reading and writing in one form or another have always been my passions. I aim to pass a love of the subject on to you while delivering to your exam goals. I enjoy a bit of banter and am alway willing to stop for a bit of a side chat when an interesting or controversial subject arises. I really like to tease complicated opinions out of people and make them more confident speakers and debaters over time (even those who are initially very shy). A lively class is a good class in my experience! I used to work with some quite troubled young people as part of one of my teaching roles - to see someone who feels very low about themselves discover a talent and a ability to succeed has been the most gratifying part of my career. To see them move on and have a career and to keep loving to read books has been the cherry on the cake! QTS in England since 2002 - I have a degree in English as well as a Masters and a Post Graduate Secondary Teaching qualification from Ireland. I had a mixed bag of teachers in school - some were good and some just weren’t trying hard enough. I learned a great deal from both. English was my great love in school but I had a terrible teacher for years - he was so bad I decided to get a weekend job and hire a tutor. That tutor was the best teacher I’ve come across to this day. He was my inspiration to become a teacher as good as him! I love cycling, hiking and growing as much of my own food as possible in my garden. I love the company of people especially my family but have always loved the company of dogs! I have two and we walk miles every day. They sit my side when I tutor online. I’ve taught OCR and AQA mainly but am flexible. Tell me what you are studying in school and we will get it covered.

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