Ed N

An experienced examiner and teacher of English

£30 per hour
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

You can book a free 20 minute, no-commitment introduction with any of our tutors. How does this work?

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am passionate about securing the highest results for the students I tutor. I am available for lessons in preparation for any internal assessment your school might be running to determine Teacher Assessed Grades for Year 11 or 13. Alternatively, I'm also able to help Years 7-9, 10 and 12 reach the next level of success in English

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in GCSE English Language and Literature. I have extensive experience as an examiner for the AQA and Cambridge iGCSE specifications.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

There is no "typical" lesson! Book a free meeting to discuss your individual needs and we can determine the most suitable course for you. That may be revising specific aspects of your curriculum, covering any gaps, reviewing a homework task or working together to develop annotations of your literary texts.


Subject Level
English GCSE
English Literature GCSE
English Literature IB
English IB
English Literature A-Level
English KS3
English Literature KS3