Pamela K

Inspiring mentor has worked with building childrens confidence 17 yrs

£60 per hour

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A bit about Pamela K

I learnt my craft professionally from the tender age of seven working professionally as a dancer, character singer and actor right through to my adult hood. I took this experience and worked with a professional stage school for over 17 years, sharing my craft and teaching children how to build a confident mindset while they worked alongside their teachers on academic subjects in main stream schools.

 What I observed is that if children are not nurtured on their well being, their self confidence, this neglect will play into their adult lives as I witnessed with many of my past students.  Some took my advice with their parents, others didn't. Those who did, went on to flourish, gain promotions and prosper not only in their careers but in their personal lives too.  The service I offer to children is to build their inner confidence and self belief. 

I would urge parents not to take the service I offer lightly especially in a world where personal development is growing as a subject globally. If sceptic, please do check out institutions such as Proctor Gallagher Institute run by Bob Proctor, the Frank Sinatra of self development.


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