Daniel D

An enthusiastic and encouraging tutor with over 2 years experience.

£35 per hour
DBS Checked

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A bit about Daniel D

I am a professional tutor with over two years’ experience teaching students from the age of 11 to 21, specialising in English Literature, Religious Studies and Philosophy. I started teaching during my time at King’s College London, where I was helping local GCSE and A-level students with their studies in these subjects. In addition to this, I am an award-winning writer/director for both film and theatre. My passion for great stories and for challenging audiences is definitely an influence on my interests. I am hugely enthusiastic about my chosen subjects and believe that my specific focus on them means I can understand them in great depth. I am articulate and enjoy helping people understand complicated concepts in the clearest and most enjoyable way. I tailor my lessons to the specific needs of each student, consistently encouraging a true interest in the subject.

I have offered tuition services over the last two years, and am comfortable teaching the following:

11+: Common Entrance Exam, particular success with creative writing

GCSE level: English, RS, Drama, History

A level: English Literature, Philosophy, Theology

University level: Philosophy

My successes and interests have often derived from strong encouragement from teachers. Both at Haberdashers’ and King’s College, I would be extremely curious about certain topics but may shy away due to a lack of knowledge or fear of feeling stupid. It is those teachers who had genuine enthusiasm and encouragement that allowed me to access the subjects and succeed in them. I hope to emulate this excitement for subjects in my lessons, showing how we can learn so much from both English and Philosophy, lessons that extend well beyond the classroom but also help for the exams.

The key to these subjects is not the ‘right’ textbook answer but a specific way of thinking about texts and questions. I have found success through working with building the foundational technique of looking at questions, allowing students to discover how to be successful themselves. These skills extend beyond tutoring lessons and are useful for all essay subjects.


Subject Level
Maths Primary
Maths KS3
English Primary
English KS3
English GCSE
English A-Level
English Literature Primary
English Literature KS3
English Literature GCSE
English Literature A-Level
Drama GCSE
Philosophy A-Level
Philosophy Degree
Religious Education GCSE
Religious Education A-Level