Klaudia K

A passionate maths and physics tutor with engineering background

£20 per hour

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A bit about Klaudia K

As a tutor, interestingly I come from civil engineering background. Upon completing BENg in Civil Engineering at University of Manchester, I have started a graduate engineer position in one of the British consulting engineering firms which I work for currently.

During my studies I have gained experience in tutoring maths and physics between Year 2 and A- levels. I really enjoyed the work and found it equally fulfilling as rewarding. I saw my students progress and achieve the goals we have chosen from the outset. As a tutor, I am very organised, but also I make sure I give enough guidance and support for my students and make lessons interesting. I am very passionate about subjects I teach simply because I have chosen a career closely associated with them and I am personally very interested in those subjects. 

I went through the Maths and Physics education by myself so I have a first hand experience in what the student can find difficult. 

My teaching style is mainly focused on personalisation. I usually have an initial consultation to find out what their personal and unique needs are and what they struggle with the most so I can address it. I have worked with quite a few students that were preparing for Grammar Schools and helped them in achieving their goals, as well as GCSEs and A- levels in order to prepare them for university degree. 



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Maths Primary
Maths GCSE
Maths A-Level
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