Helen C

Experienced & Friendly Primary Tutor

£35 per hour
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a qualified primary teacher, and moved into the world of private tuition after having my second child eight years ago. Since then I have tutored children in the UK and abroad for a range of primary school subjects, mainly English, Maths and Science. I have also supported children with their applications into independent and grammar schools. In my spare time, I like to relax with my family, walking our crazy dog, travelling when possible and reading.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

This all depends on the child and how they prefer to learn, but generally I like to start with a brief chat and a game to get us warmed up and 'in the learning mood'! Next I'll introduce what we're learning about, and teach a new topic or recap work we have done before. Next, I have independent practice time for my students to have a go on their own, answering questions and unpicking any difficulties they seem to have. Finally it's a review and homework setting if appropriate. I tend to find that keeping it light and relaxed helps us both build a good working relationship, which leads to greater confidence and progress with the subject.

What is your favourite thing about being a tutor?

My favourite thing is getting to know the students, and seeing how they grow in confidence as they continue. There is nothing better than seeing a student who believed they 'hated maths' suddenly find they can 'do fractions!' Being able to instill a love of learning is a wonderful thing, and I feel I really make a difference, no matter how small.


Subject Level
Maths Primary
English Primary
Science Primary
11+ 11+