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I am an enthusiastic tutor whose has experience in teaching GCSE, A Level as well teaching undergraduates and postgraduates in Higher Education and study abroad. I was a Senior Lecturer at St Mary's University, Twickenham for over twenty years, I now teach there part-time supervising dissertation students. I have extensive experience in teaching and mentoring students in English Literature. As well as teaching at university level I have detailed knowledge of the GCSE and A level curriculum and marking schemes. I am currently an A level assessor. For the last six years I have been part of an outreach programme to schools supporting and advising teachers and pupils on GCSE and A level set texts. For the last four years I have taught for the British American Drama Academy's Midsummer Conservatory Programme at St John's College, Oxford (a Shakespeare Summer School for 16-18 year olds), teaching it online in 2020. At St Mary's University I taught a range of courses including Modernisms, Literature of the First World War, Critical Theory, Nineteenth Century Literature, Literature and Psychoanalysis, on the Gothic MA course as well as Renaissance Literature. I have also worked extensively in study abroad programmes over the last fifteen years delivering Shakespeare courses for the Foundation for International Education in London (where I gained a teacher of the year award in 2018). I am a patient, informal but professional tutor. I believe in a shared dialogue when tutoring. I avoid lecturing my students but prefer to work with them to study, discuss and solve issues. I guide students by working alongside them and finding out what each person needs for support and help. I offer a range of shared study materials that guide the student to understand the critical and historical background necessary to reading the texts and achieve success in exams and essays. My lessons involve setting up goals for the class through a discussion of the text, as well as some critical and historical contexts. Using shared handouts, we study and discuss textual examples together alongside key images as well as themes and ideas. We will think about key questions asked of each text and study short examples of critical reading. I will guide you to think critically about the text and support you in writing your assessments. At the end of each lesson I sum up the key points we have discussed and suggest some ideas for further study. I will also send you my study materials before we meet. I love words - reading books and plays as well as sharing ideas about them. I enjoy hearing about how others have responded to a book, a poem or a play. I enjoy teaching students ideas that might not seem obvious at first but can change the way we see a Shakespeare play, for example. I like bringing in different approaches to a play or a novel, using gender or post-colonial ideas about race and ethnicity to reveal different ways to approach a text. Above all I like the details that we find when we read carefully and critically.

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