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Oxford phD student with 5 years of A-level tutoring experience!

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Hello! My name is Lily and I am currently studying for a DPhil in Pharmacology at Magdalen College, Oxford. I study pharmacology as I have a genuine passion for science, particularly biochemistry and the ways that chemical molecules can interact with biological systems. I believe that my love of these subjects has been instilled from a young age by the teachers who taught me, so I would hope to emulate them and inspire other students to feel the same way. At the time of completing my GCSE and A-level examinations I was competing nationally in swimming competitions and working towards piano exams, so I thoroughly understand the difficulties that students might face whilst trying to juggle their commitments. As a result of this, I appreciate why students may need additional tutoring in order to aid their understanding of a subject area and am more than happy to assist with prioritising work and formulating effective revision techniques. My tutorials are centered around the unique needs of each tutee. I will devote the majority of the session to areas of the subject that the individual struggles with, and then present the information in a more accessible way, using analogies and visual examples. I believe that preparation is key, so I would ask my tutee the areas that they would like to reinforce, and then prepare my resources and create a flexible plan based around their concerns. I may also ask my tutees to do some of their own preparation in between sessions in order to maximise their learning, with resources provided by myself. I will emphasise the importance of exam technique and adjust this to different levels of examination and exam boards, and work with the student to ensure they only learn what is necessary - nothing 'extra' to complicate things! I have been tutoring throughout my time at university, and have built up over 400 hours of experience. I have tutored A-level biology students studying every exam board (OCR, AQA, Edexcel, Pre-U and Eduqas) therefore I have the resources and experience to support students' to achieve their goals.

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