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Exceptional, friendly, fully qualified, enthusiastic teacher of English Language and Literature with a genuine passion to see my students achieve their maximum potential. I can offer just one lesson to help in a particular area or I can do weekly lessons or more. I am an experienced Online tutor and a fully qualified NTP (National Tutoring Programme) tutor. I have also been an AQA Examiner for over 5 years and have a qualification in Child Safeguarding L2. I am engaging, interactive and dynamic in my approach and always try to make my lessons interesting and intuitive I tutor a range of students from 11 - 18 years old. In KS3, KS4, GCSE resits including students with learning difficulties, regularly achieving excellent results. I have an extremely positive outlook on life following the full recovery of a very serious illness and always see the "Glass Half Full" I have a natural ability to enthuse those around me and my bubbly, personable character often relaxes tense situations and makes people feel at ease. Teaching is my true passion and I can think of nothing more fulfilling than seeing a student flourish as a result of my intervention. I am a Teacher of English Language and Literature teaching students from years 5 to 11, key stage 2, 3 and key stage 4, Via online 1.1 and in Class, committed to helping all pupils to achieve their full potential. I teach students according to their varying educational needs, including pupils with varying disabilities from Visually/Aurally impaired, Autism to moderate learning difficulties, using a variety of delivery methods to stimulate learning including differentiation where needed. I mix my lessons with interactive and independent learning, I encourage my students to develop individual reading and writing skills, focusing on technical accuracy such as spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as content. From Years 7-9 KS3 I teach high standards of language and literacy by helping to equip my students with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and to encourage them to develop a love of literature through reading for enjoyment across a wide range of styles and genres. At key stage 4 both GCSE English Language and Literature are assessed by a final examination, I ensure that my students are taught the key techniques to answer exam style questions accurately and with the correct amount of detail. I regularly undertake GCSE style essays and mock exam questions to prepare for final examinations. I give full and detailed feedback to my students to encourage them to improve and but I also help guide them on how this can be achieved. My lessons are individually created to the students needs and what they need to improve on, which is why I always offer a 20 minute Free Consultation before I take a booking. I can offer a one off lesson or a regular weekly lesson. It is important that I plan each lesson, as I may need to send resources for the lesson I want to ensure that my student gets a full interactive lesson. My lessons are always fun with lots of activities and constructive feedback. I am extremely passionate about reading and will always encourage my students to read with me and to discuss books that have been read. I will always give out a set piece of work to be completed for the next lesson. I have been teaching in Secondary Schools and Colleges full time and private tutoring for over 10 years. "Students aren't just Students, they are real people with Characters, Personalities and feelings" It’s finding the right Key that matches each individual that unlocks their potential”. I am qualified to teach AQA. I am also an AQA Examiner for English Literature and Language however I have experience with OCR and WJEC. I teach from Year 7-11 (11-16 years old) I have always believed that all children can learn, its about the passion of the teacher to enthuse the child. I want all the children I teach to believe in themselves and the abilities they have and being able to confident to read and understand text. Write a letter or essay or just hold a conversation with a stranger. All these need English skills. I often get frustrated with the education system and the one size fits all, because it doesn't. I have an autistic son who I have nurtured to become a successful, integrated adult with a full time job, his own home and who is now a person who can cope with all the ups and downs that life has to offer. Watching him struggle at school and having to fight every battle with teachers has made me want to be different type of teacher and inspire my students to be themselves.

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