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Qualified Secondary Science Teacher/Chemistry specialist

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What do you specialise in?

I am an Research & Development Chemist and a qualified secondary science teacher. I specialize in Chemistry A-level, GCSE Science and KS3 Science.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Being a professional Chemist and a Qualified teacher means that I have hands-on experience in the Chemical industry as well as the theoretical knowledge required to teach. Additionally, I work closely with secondary schools as an ambassador to help promote scientific subjects. Tutoring allows me to share my passion of Chemistry and inspire young people into the fantastic world of Science!

How do your lessons usually plan out?

My lessons usually look like a 3 course menu! Starter: We will look at something to pique your interest into the subject we are about to learn, as well as finding out your prior knowledge of the subject. Main: The body of the lesson will focus on learning the new concepts and will include a lot of questions to test your understanding as we go along. Dessert: This is the fun part where we find out how much you really have learned by applying the content to exam-style questions.

What do students love most about your teaching style?

My students love the real-life examples I use to explain scientific concepts as they are quite relatable and often somewhat humorous! I like to have very interactive lessons in which the students are participating rather than listening to me talking for hours!

What are your interests outside of teaching?

Fitness! Cooking! Science!

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Simran Phagura

This session was very helpful to me because the ionisation energies topic was explained in many different ways to help improve my understanding. The visual diagrams also allowed me to apply my knowledge to the exam questions in an easier way. :)

Marta Miles

Mojdeh is a great teacher, she provides very detailed notes and practice questions and will make sure you feel comfortable enough with every topic to answer exam questions

Preeti john

Mojdeh is a great teacher ,my daughter really love her lessons.Each topic is explained in detail .After each lesson the notes can be easily accessed aswell .

Ann Thevarmadom

Mojdeh has helped so much throughout the lessons I have had with her, she makes sure I understand everything in the lesson and am confident with the topics. She makes sure to clear my doubts and gives clear explanations and feedback. She is the best chemistry tutor I've had!

Zaynab Ayes

Good notes to write!

Naciye Hinds

Stephanie Amo-Adjei

Amazing at explaining the concepts in A level chemistry which I found particularly hard to understand. Very patient and thorough also!

Holly Brooks

Salimah Musabbir-Turner

Mojdeh has a warm personality and good teaching techniques. She is prepared to adapt her style of teaching to the needs of the individual student and I felt I got a lot from my lesson.

Olivia Bristow

It was easy to follow along and to write notes and having example questions are very helpful.

Juliana Egbu


Mojdeh is a wonderful tutor, she has patiently helped me with anything I didn't understand and made sure to take time and breakdown problems to target misunderstandings. All the material used to teach have been so detailed and helpful with my learning!

Ninebeth Buccat

My knowledge on periodicity wasn't very good until Modjeh taught it to me. I'm more confident now on it but I still should practice looking at the structures of exam questions I could be asked on periodicity.


I really find Mojdeh's lessons so helpful. She's happy to go over any topic that I'm not sure of and we go over the theory and do some practice/exam questions which really help me to understand the content. She's super patient too! It's so useful as I can work better in school because I get a better understanding from her lessons.


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