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My name is Vincent. I graduated from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London. I have been teaching at universities for over 20 years in Psychology. My teaching areas include Introduction to Psychology, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Learning, Educational Psychology, Research Methods, and Developmental Psychology. I am experienced in conducting one-to-one tutorials online and face-to-face. I am good at guiding students to think through the materials and to develop academic skills to study psychology using the scientific approach. If you are looking for help in your research project, my experience would be helpful to you. I am an Associate Editor in Frontier Psychology, editorial borad member in Journal of Depression and Anxiety, Open Journal of Depression. I also served as ad hoc reviewers of reputated international peer-reviewed journals including Psychiatry Research, Journal of Clinical Psychology, Journal of Affective Disorders, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Cognition and . I am experienced in conducting research reaching the standard in the psychology research community. I have published more than 37 peer-reviewed articles and 36 conference presentations. I have supervised more than 120 undergraduate students' final-year projects. Some of their works were published in international refereed journals-. Yip, T.H.J. & Tse, W.S. (2019; Corresponding Author). Why Hope Can Reduce Negative Emotion? Psychological Resource as a Mediator. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 24(2)-http: Tse, W.S., Choi, A., & Tang, W.S. (2019). Effects of Video-Based Flipped Class Instruction on Subject Reading Motivation. British Journal of Educational Technology, 50(1)-http: (Top Cited Article in-) Tse, W.S., & Wong, K. (2015). Comparing of the Mediation and the Moderation Role of Drinking Motives in the Relationship between Perceived Discrimination and Hazardous Drinking. Journal of Substance Use, 20(6)-http: Tse, W.S., & Yip, T.H.J. (2009). Relationship among Dispositional Forgiveness of Others, Interpersonal Adjustment and Psychological Well-Being: Implication for Depression. Personality and Individual differences, 46(3), 365-368. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2008.11.001 Lok, M.H., Bond, A.J., & Tse, W.S. (2009; Correspondence author). Contrasting Effects of a Hot and a Cool System in Anger Regulation in Cooperative Behaviours. International Journal of Psychology, 44(5), 333-341. http://doi.org/10.1080/00207590802236241 My specialism includes cognitive psychology, research methods, biological psychology, social psychology, mental health, and developmental psychology. I am very experienced in coaching research projects, developing and testing the hypothesis, and writing the results and discussion sections. Some of my undergraduate students' research works were published in international journals. Lesson plans are semi-structured, which would facilitate the understanding of the topics. I adopt various active learning methods to encourage a fun learning experience. During the lesson, assessments and assignments will be provided to monitoring the progress. I have been tutoring and teaching various subjects face to face and online for over 18 years.

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