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My name is Parth Tagdiwala and I am a second year medical student at university college london (ranked 8th in the world). I have been tutoring for over 3 years. I enjoy tutoring chemistry biology and maths upto an A-level grade. My techniques involve careful progression and repetitive practise. I tailor my lesson to each student's need. I specialise in tutoring maths, chemistry and biology upto an A-level grade. I use all three subjects in my studies as a medical student and therefore am very confident with the subjects. Moreover, this confidence and experience allows me to answer any questions students have. I normally plan out the lesson by talking to the student and assesing his needs (eg what his weaknesses are or what he/she is finding difficult in school) I then teach these topics and give the students plenty of time to take notes and ask questions. At the end of the lesson I often quiz my students to ensure the students have a good understanding of the topic and clear up any confusion that may be present. I also often set homework which I let older students self mark (I prefer marking younger students' work as they struggle to mark and understand their weaknesses). During the beginning of the following lesson I will often follow up students on topic they have got incorrect and ask them those question again to make sure they understand the topic. I first started tutoring during my first year of sixth form at the age of 16 and have been tutoring ever since. I started tutoring GCSE maths, chemistry and biology as I had achieved an A* in all three subjects in my GCSEs. I later moved onto an A-level grade as I had achieved an A* in all three at A-level. I have GCSE and A-level A* in maths, chemistry and biology. I have achieved the highest grades in all three and have certificates to prove my qualifications which can be shown upon request. I am also a student a world top 10 institute. I teach all ages from primary school to A-level. I also teach all exam boards and have experience in teaching them all (can provide references if required). I don't teach IB level. My teaching style is all about flexibility and repetition. I think every student is unique and therefore each lesson should be curated to their individual needs. I also believe in quizzing my students as much as possible to help deepen their understanding and make sure they have the best chance to succeed. Furthermore, feedback is an important element of any teaching and I like to provide detailed feedback to my studnet's on any work they may have done (homework or quizzes) and I explain all answers thoroughly

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Maths Primary
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Maths GCSE
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Science Primary
Science KS3
Biology GCSE
Biology A-Level
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level

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