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Haran N


Graduate medical student with 2 previous degrees

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I am a graduate student studying Medicine at the University of Plymouth. I have completed a BSc in Chemistry with Biomedicine at Kings College London and an MSc in Musculoskeletal Science at University College London. I am outgoing, well-articulated and patient. I have several years of tutoring experience and have achieved a UCAT score which placed me in the top 20% of the country and a GAMSAT score that placed me in the top 15% of the country. Being a mature student has allowed me to see that everyone learns in different ways. Therefore, when I tutor, I endeavour to adapt my teaching style to my pupils. Doing this ensures that my pupils have an engaging lesson where they retain information given to them and can apply this information throughout their education; this all results in them achieving a better score. All my lessons vary. For each class, I aim to cater to the student's individual needs. Whether it be knowledge-based lessons in which I am teaching a specific topic to the student; or an exam technique lesson where I am focusing more on timing per question and triaging, I will provide tips and techniques to improve your score. My teaching style is very interactive and engaging. I don't intend to run a session in which I am the only person talking as these sessions can be boring. Instead, I want the student to take ownership of their learning as I have seen that this translates into the best students with the best grades. I achieve this by creating an environment where each student feels safe to make mistakes, and when they do make mistakes, they have the confidence to explore and correct them. My interactive teaching style becomes a conversation between the tutor and tutee, which promotes learning. One of my favourite things about being a tutor is being there for the 'light bulb moment'. This is a moment in a student's education where they finally understand a concept, and a topic clicks in their head, much like a light bulb going off in their head. I find these moments extremely gratifying as once a 'light bulb moment' has occurred, a student can apply a concept to various questions with ease and confidence.

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