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Doctor of Astrochemistry with five years tutoring experience

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I have a degree in Chemistry as well as a PhD in Astrochemistry, both from the University of Sheffield. In addition to this, I have over five years experience of private tutoring and have had students doing both GCSEs and A-Levels. On top of this, during my PhD I taught laboratory sessions to chemistry undergraduate students and supervised Masters' students during their thesis projects. Former students of mine have now gone on to do their own PhDs. Outside of my professional sphere I volunteer with a youth support group and am a qualified Youth Worker. I'm well used to supporting young people in their growth both academically and in more informal settings. I love the flexibility that one-to-one tutoring brings. It allows the tutor and the pupil to work together to find the best learning style and pace for the student, something that often isn't able to happen in school classrooms. I also feel that tutoring can provide a more holistic look at a subject by letting the tutor and student explore topics beyond what the exam board needs. I have always enjoyed learning things and during A-Levels and my own degree found that I enjoy the process of helping other people learn just as much. I was able to expand on this by becoming a private tutor and then by teaching undergraduates during my PhD. The decision to become a private tutor was in no small part informed by my own, very positive, experience of having a private tutor during my school years. As you might expect Chemistry is my favourite among the sciences and is the centre of my specialisation. However, I'm equally comfortably covering Biology and Physics up to GCSE level. I've got plenty of experience in small group and one-to-one tutoring in all the sciences across Year 7 to Year 11 having worked in schools as both a tutor and Teaching Assistant. I've very student focussed in how I plan my lessons, meaning that I always aim to work with the student to help them identify the areas they feel least comfortable with or, conversely, the areas they want to push themselves in and expand their knowledge of. Likewise, I seek to understand the learning modes and methods that best suit an individual student and then cater to that. So, if you prefer chatting around a topic and feel you gain best from verbal learning that's what we'll do. If, however, you find focussing on past papers or making mind maps suits you better then that'll be the track I'll take forward with you. I don't believe that there is a one-size-fits-all way of teaching and so I'll work with you to draw up a plan to suit your needs and learning style.

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Science KS3
Biology GCSE
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Physics GCSE

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