Harvey JensenGraduate Mechanical Engineering student from University of Bath

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About Harvey

I am a highly motivated graduating Mechanical Engineering student from University of Bath. I have a good depth of knowledge on STEM subjects with A levels in Mathematics, Physics and French. I also have general conversational fluency in Spanish (second maternal language) and listening, reading and writing abilities. I am happy to tutor in these four subjects to GCSE level and provide aid with A-level questions in Maths and Physics.

Prior to university, I gained experience as a tutor to a family friend who was on course to take GCSE's in which I provided one to one lessons with Maths and Physics. In my third year of University I taught weekly lessons for dance, initially to groups of 30+ students during taster sessions. I have run other one- off classes such as this year a birthday party involving activities for a group 8 year olds.

These experiences have boosted my ability to engage well with students and seeing others grasping a concept in any subject is greatly rewarding as a teacher.

I have understanding of specialised (engineering based) subjects as taken in my University modules and different softwares such as CAD, MatLab, Microsoft suite and many others, I am happy to teach/aid in these fields and can give more details on request.

Reviews from Other Students

  • Julia Brown

    21st October

    My 14 year old son had lost his confidence with GCSE physics. Harvey is helping him to go through his syllabus. Harvey even after only two lessons has helped him to regain that confidence through his excellent teaching methods, combined with patience and an understanding of my sons GCSE curriculum and needs.

  • Ty Prendergast

    4th November

    Harvey is very encouraging which helps in finding self confidence in my abilty to do the subject well. Thank you as this will have a direct impact in my school lessons.

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