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Tell us a bit about yourself.

The latest year's results were very good! I am pleased to say that my A Level students all scored A*s for every component; my GCSE students have reported only grades 8 and 9s. This is very exciting news. Consistently across my whole teaching career, learners who follow my guidance have achieved - and do achieve - two to three grades higher than their teachers anticipate. The benefit of having an examiner as a tutor is the precise awareness of the exam board requirements and what each is meant by each criteria. I am a qualified and experienced English teacher who has worked in various schools and colleges in SE England and abroad. Across various establishments, I was Head of English for six years, and trained a significant number of teachers then. I've also marked exam papers at GCSE and A Level for well over 10 years.

What do you specialise in?

Secondary English is my specialism. My passion is creative writing but I also like teaching poetry and Shakespeare. I typically focus on essay-writing skills and am good when you need to cram. As an examiner, I am acutely aware of the exam board requirements and interpret them to inform my teaching - and push the success of the learner.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

My lessons are, of course, excellent! In the first lesson, I typically begin addressing at least one of your chosen areas of focus - such as essay writing. The second lesson will begin with going through the homework and addressing strengths (to develop) - and weaknesses (to reduce and eventually eradicate). It is therefore imperative that homework is completed in order to maintain cohesion between lessons, and improve ability and potential.

When did you first start tutoring?

I started tutoring in the second year of my career, which was back in 2004. I have been tutoring 1 to 1, 1 to 2, and groups since then. Increasingly, my lessons have gone online - which is better in many ways.

What do you love most about teaching your subject?

I love seeing teenagers begin to think for themselves, discussing books with me and asking the right questions when they explore what is beyond the obvious.

What is your teaching style?

I like to teach in a focused way but often with humour as I get to know you more. I can be rather concise and find this helps with content and clarity.

What is your favourite thing about being a tutor?

I like seeing results and not having to deal with behaviour problems.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that any learner can achieve if he wants to. Trust is really important and following the guidance from the trusted-teacher is essential. With greater input and effort, there typically comes greater success. Success does not come from stubbornness or refusing to change; for different outcomes, there needs to be different input. Please only accept a qualified tutor and not a student who only thinks he knows what the exam boards want.

Which relevant qualifications do you have?

MA Children's Literature PGCE QTS BA (Hons)

What inspired you to become a teacher?

My own primary-school teachers inspired me to teach. I have always wanted to teach and I have always taught.

What are your interests outside of teaching?

I am a keen martial-artist ... and qualified judo coach, BJA approved. I walk a lot every day. I play the flute - and can teach that too.

What exam boards and year groups do you teach?

I have had most experience with AQA, Pearson/EdExcel and WJEC. OCR is no stranger to me. I have taught children in years 5 and 6 for 17 years, and students aged 11-19 for 18 years. I have also taught adults including a Sri-Lankan man who needed better English for his engineering reports, and a lady who worked on the rivers and had to write structured reports on progress there.

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Sara is truly amazing! She helped my son retake his English GCSE English and helped him improve by two grades within only a few weeks. Sara was always punctual, very dedicated and very focused. I would definitely recommend Sara if you are looking for a tutor with expertise and knowledge of the English curriculum.

Sally Rickwood


The best English tutor around! Sara has been very diligent and helpful with my child’s revision. Thank you for your patience and generosity. Would 100% recommend 👍


Poor teaching

Maria Smith


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