Moumita G

Experienced teacher actively helping GCSE and A-Level students

£25 per hour
DBS Checked

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Experienced teacher actively helping GCSE and A-level students I have completed my PHD and am teaching all Sciences and Maths for the past 6 years to students aged 9 – 18. I am passionate about education and believes that all students can excel given the correct guidance. I support students to increase their levels of confidence, encourage them to set certain goals. This will help them become more aware of their strengths, weaknesses and the progress they’re making. Recognition of progress will help build confidence and motivation. I offer feedback on learning that helps them to develop the skills needed to become more independent. I create activities and assignments that are challenging but attainable. I provide them materials, supplies, and other resources needed for successful completion of the work. I am always positive with my students. Instead of just telling them what is wrong with their work, focus on what they are doing correctly. I usually prepare a study plan making the lesson more interesting and meaningful. I coached over 200 students to exam success. I encourage my students to excel in their education, enhance their skills and achieve success in their life.

What do you specialise in?

Biology, Chemistry (A-Level) and teaching triple and combined Sciences

How do your lessons usually plan out?

dentify the learning objectives. ... Plan the specific learning activities. ... Plan to assess student understanding. ... Plan to sequence the lesson in an engaging and meaningful manner. ... Create a realistic timeline. ... Plan for a lesson closure.

When did you first start tutoring?

In 2010


Subject Level
Science Primary
Science KS3
Biology IB
Biology GCSE
Biology A-Level
Biology Degree
Chemistry IB
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Physics GCSE

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