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Tell us a bit about yourself.

A fully qualified Economics graduate with 14 years experience of teaching Business Studies and Economics. I am a dynamic teacher consistently judged as outstanding. Tutoring allows me to help students unlock their potential. I am fully qualified teacher having held a number of roles from Head of Sixth to Head of Department. I am also a Principal examiner running the exam process each summer for GCSE and A level’s. This experience gives me a clear insight into how the students can maximise their success. I can plot your path to exam success.

What do you specialise in?

I am an Economics graduate although my QTS is also in Business. I have been teaching both these subjects for 14 years often as the sole teacher at both GCSE and A level. I am a dynamic; passionate teacher who loves my subjects and considers tutoring a privilege. I specialise in examination skills drawing on my decade of working for the examination boards in senior roles. I can also advise on personal statements and the UCAS process drawing on my Head of Sixth experience

How do your lessons usually plan out?

I carefully plan and differentiate all my lessons to meet the exact student need. I have worked with students to help fill gaps in learning; go over concepts they would like some more time on as well as working on the quantitative skills the boards now require. We often spend time talking about current events in the news as specifications require current knowledge and I ensure the student benefits from my experience as an examiner to present their knowledge.

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Teesh Bodhani


Jaskirt Dhaliwal


Isabel meakin

Michael Bradley


Chrissie is an amazing tutor as she knows so much about exam questions and how to get marks for things like evaluation and analysis.

Eoin Shepherd

Clare Murray

Emily Pranarauskaite

Rana Awad

Angeline Morrison





Miss Chrissie is the Most competent tutor i ever met ! Sometimes i do not even have to revise after her lesson because of how smooth her explanation is, it's mind blowing how she always makes every topic look SO simple AND clear and she always have brilliant real life examples that always make me understand even more to the point that i can even explain it to classmates afterwards, those examples are so helpful as they always stay in my head which really helps me remember meanings at any time and specially during exams where i added them to my answer and got more marks! Even my English got better! Her Lessons are Super efficient as she can go through many topics in one lesson and will always make the most of your time in her sessions She is very kind and funny, and has an infectious positiveness which always make my day better! And finally, Chrissie is sincere as i always felt that she honestly wanted to help me and wanted me to succeed in my exams and studies, I truly believe she is the BEST TEACHER EVER !!

Isobelle English

Shona Ramsay


Maribel Ramirez

Milena Rusu

I learn so much so quickly in just one lesson and have some great laughs as well during! 10/10 recommend

Louise O’Connor



Really good tutor. Chrissie really helped my son understand Business Studies (GCSE) and learn how to answer the questions that he will get in the exams.

Sarah Harvey


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