Natasha B

Maths and Science Tutor with over 9 years of experience

£30 per hour
DBS Checked

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Mathematics. During my time in Cardiff I started volunteering in schools as a mentor and it was then I realised I loved teaching, and my tutoring career began. Now I have over 9 years experience in tutoring, whereby all my students have exceeded their expectations and have improved by at least 3 grades.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

During the first session I assess what the student will need help with and then I plan what we need to go over. Then for the next sessions I try and help them understand the topics they are struggling with.

What do you love most about teaching your subject?

The thing I love most about teaching my subject is finding different ways of explaining one topic. All students don't learn the same way so I enjoy the challenge of coming up with a more relatable example for each of my students. But nothing is as satisfying as that "click" moment, when the student finally understands what you're teaching and can answer any question you throw at them.

What exam boards and year groups do you teach?

I teach all exam boards. I currently teach the following subjects: A-Level Maths iGCSE/GCSE/KS3 Maths A-Level Physics iGCSE/GCSE/KS3 Physics iGCSE/GCSE/KS3 Chemistry iGCSE/GCSE/KS3 Biology 11 + Primary Science Primary Maths

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Biology GCSE
Chemistry GCSE
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