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Hi, I'm Filipe, originally from Portugal although currently living in Scotland with my wife and son. I've got over 12 years of experience teaching Computing and English as a foreign language. I've got a level 5 teaching qualification from Canterbury University and got an honours degree in Computing and Information Technologies from the university of Derby. I used to work as an IT tutor delivering Computing classes to Apprentices in London so they would go into work after 13 weeks of training. This job was quite a lot of work but also very rewarding as 23 students went into employment. Also did some private home Computing tuition for around 5 years working through various agencies. The majority of the time I get very good feedback from students(and sometimes presents :) which is nice and really motivating. I've made some really good friendships from tutoring. I have taught English as a foreign language for 6 years in an academy in London and also did private home tuition. Currently I'm delivering English as a second language classes online(via Zoom) to Ukrainian refugees living in Scotland. I'm also a self-employed Junior Web Developer where I'm building and maintaining 4 websites including 2 Apps using HTML5, CSS, Wordpress, Javascript and PHP & MySQL. My work can be seen from my personal website: https://santosfm.com/ayrshire-glasgow-tutor-portfolio.php Thank you. Computing - GCSE up to A' level Programming / Web development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL ICT - KS2 up to A 'level ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages I customize the lesson for each learner taking into account the learner's level. The learner is assessed before having a session with me. This way we both know the learner's level. When you plan the lesson it means you can go a bit more deeper into the subject(if needed) because you've already prepared the material. I started teaching in 2006. I started teaching basic Computing tutoring at people's homes. I then went on to work as a teaching assistant helping the ICT teacher in an ICT A 'level class. This gave me the experience needed to do private A 'level tuition. I then went on to teaching Computing in Lewisham College, training centres, libraries and online. What I love most about teaching Computing is for the fact that our lives revolve around Computing; washing machines, the Web, the Internet of Things etc. I've always loved Computing and it gives me great satisfaction when something isn't working then you need to use your problem solving skills to make it work. I also find teaching English as a foreign language really enjoyable, generally and also because you get to know people quite well. Everyone is unique, with different needs and personalities and that diversity brings enjoyment to the lesson. Also working with people who want to learn is a massive bonus which adds to your satisfaction. I don't have a specific teaching style but what I tend to find is that everyone responds well and understand better when things are explained with simplicity, in an easy to understand manner using images, sometimes video using a variety of examples. Take a chunk and work on that before moving onto the next. Sometimes I find myself a facilitator and definitely a demonstrator. I assess learners throughout the lesson mainly at the middle of the lesson to make sure what was delivered was really understood and if it wasn't understood explain it in a different manner. Again everyone is different, what works for someone with little Literacy skills may not work for someone learning something at Intermediate level. Therefore as a Tutor I need to adapt to the learner's needs and get the feedback from the learner to check whether it's going ok or not. My favourite thing about being a tutor is put simply in one word 'people'. I find that working with many people from all walks of life, from lots of countries I learn a lot from my learners and they become a part of me. Having a good laugh also is really important because it relaxes the learner and facilitates learning. I don't have a philosophy when it comes to teaching although if I were to have one it would be to enjoy learning. I say this because sometimes the tutor aims to just deliver although at times that's not the case because you are confronted with things that you may not know and you will have to learn quickly. So enjoy teaching and learning because teaching and learning will never end. It is here forever and ever! Simplicity, down to earth and yet professional. The majority of my learners they always bring me presents and are really appreciative. Placing 23 Computing apprentices into work in London after only 13 weeks of full-time training at the centre by myself. This involved doing all lesson planning, admin and delivery. I've also taught ESOL to learners who were at Beginner level and after 4 months they were able to articulate themselves being able to hold a basic conversation with others which was a big achievement for learners who don't even use our alphabet. When I worked in the academy teaching English as a foreign language I would get parents of my students coming to me after school asking for their children to have extra private tuition because the students recommended me. BSc(Honours) Computing and Information Technologies degree TEFL (Can teach English as a foreign language) Level 5 teaching qualification from Canterbury University. Microsoft Technology Associate (Trained Microsoft qualification in Web technologies) Web development(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL) ECDL (Microsoft Office) When I was working as a teacher assistant I saw some really bad teaching experiences as well as some really inspiring teachers. I guess the teachers that were doing not so good made me realize that there is a need to make a difference. As for the good/inspiring teachers I saw how these teachers shaped learners to want to become better. Reading, cycling, walking, jogging, socializing, dinning spending time with family and friends and travelling. In the past I taught OCR, EDEXCEL and another one which I don't remember. I work with secondary school pupils and adults.

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