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Maths made easy!! Edexcel, OCR and AQA covered for A level and GCSE.

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Friendly and helpful maths teacher with over 18 years experience teaching maths within secondary schools. I have taught all levels and all abilities and recognise that students have different learning needs in order to build their confidence. I aim to make sessions fun and to make tough topics seem easy! I specialise in teaching GCSE maths and Further Maths and A level maths. I have experience in working with additional learning needs and also gifted students. I recognise that many students, no matter what their ability, lack confidence in themselves and become anxious which results in a seemingly overwhelming barrier. Working on a one to one basis enables us to break down these barriers and regain self belief and a ‘can do’ attitude. Lessons are planned to suit individual needs and often have a few activities we can do together, a bit of practice, some application to real life scenarios and consolidation. I like my lessons to be interactive and enjoyable! I have tutored on and off throughout my career but have recently reduced my days in school down to 3. This means I can spend more time tutoring. I took part in the national catch up programme for maths last year and delivered online sessions using the Pearson catch up programme which I really enjoyed. I do intend to continue with this moving forward. I have tutored students from all levels and currently have primary and GCSE students working with me. I love teaching maths and seeing students develop their skills and confidence. It’s a satisfying subject as you get instant verification of your performance without any subjectivity. There is no better feeling than when you’ve tackled a problem and got the right answer! I love the clear links to everyday life and the huge depth within the topic. Sessions with me will be interactive. I like to develop good relationships with students to ensure they become comfortable with making mistakes and asking for help or clarification. I like to break topics down into manageable chunks so that students can really see how to tackle difficult questions. Being a tutor allows quality time with students. This enables me to match the pace of learning g to each individual student whilst ensuring their understanding is secure. I love to see confidence grow and students enjoying maths. I believe that every student can learn and do maths. Some just need a little more practice than others. I believe that students learn best when relationships with the teacher are strong and that it is my role to ensure that the student feels able to learn. My students enjoy a little banter with me. I like to keep things light hearted and inject a little humour into sessions. I am a very perceptive and reflective practitioner which means I will adapt the learning quickly when I can see students are struggling. Students like the fact that I take time to get to know them. I have recently worked within a pupil referral unit with students who were very disengaged with learning and school. They wouldn’t even enter the maths classroom when I arrived but over the two and a half years I was there, I was able to turn so many of them around and ensure they all secured a grade in their maths GCSE. I have a first class degree in Accountancy with a PGCE in teaching Secondary Maths. I have taught GCSE Maths and Further Maths and A level maths with the Statistics applied module. I have taught every level of maths to every type of student during my career. I became a teacher because I thought I’d like it! I love it! Teaching maths is a pleasure. I love working with young people and have also held leadership positions within school. I stood down from my role as Assistant Headteacher 3 years ago because I missed teaching too much and was only teaching a few hours each week due to my leadership responsibilities. Returning to the classroom was a decision I have not regretted and reminded me how much I love teaching! I have a love of the outdoors and recently acquired a camper van which I love to spend time in with my beautiful Labrador, April. I love to read, do puzzles and spend time with my family. I have taught OCR, AQA and Edexcel specifications. The great thing about maths is that it doesn’t really matter which exam board is in place - maths is maths! The skills and knowledge requirement are largely the same across all of the exam boards.

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