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Qualified History teacher & English (TEFL) teacher.

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Mark is an experienced qualified History teacher to A Level, and a highly qualified EFL / TEFL teacher.

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A qualified history teacher with several years experience in British schools teaching KS3, GCSE and 6th Form. BA (Hons) Economic History degree (2:1) and PGCE History, post graduate in digital learning, multimedia production, and TEFL diploma to teach English to non-English speakers. I entered the teaching profession later than most, after serving several years in the British Army. Part of my military service was spent working in the outdoors with students from a variety of backgrounds, so training to enter the teaching profession seemed a natural choice for me. Although this did surprise a few of my former teachers! My greatest success in teaching has been to watch my students develop and to succeed in their chosen paths. This is equally true both as a subject teacher, and as a class tutor to secondary school pupils and 6th form students. KS3 and KS4 GCSE history, and A-level history. My personal areas of interest include British history, international relations in the 20th century and current events. To be effective, learning needs to be enjoyable, interesting and fun for students (and teachers). Understanding a student's needs is key when planning and adapting my teaching to help them achieve their aims. I like to use a variety of styles, resources and activities to engage students to benefit their own learning. I have experience adapting lessons and learning materials to better match the individual needs of my students, including those who require differentiated materials to enable accessibility to promote understanding, adaptation of materials for students who are visually impaired, as well as reworking materials for students whose ability requires more of a challenge. I have several years experience teaching KS3, GCSE and A-level history in schools, alongside A-level ICT and outdoor education. I also teach English to non-English speakers. Besides teaching, I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate to have lived in different parts of the world and experience diverse cultures, which I believe adds value to my perception and to my teaching.

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