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I am a Chemistry graduate of The University of Edinburgh. I am currently studying for a second degree, in the final year of a BSc Hons in Chemistry with Biochemistry. I have recently completed an Undergraduate Certificate in English Literature: Texts and Contexts at Cambridge University where I have been awarded a 2:1. I am TEFL certified so have been trained to teach English. I have more than 8 years of tutoring experience including exam support, study skills, interview preparation, 11 + and 13+ exam preparation for top private grammar and private schools. My strengths are in Chemistry, Maths and English with some Biology, History and Geography. I am currently also learning to play the cello and am preparing for the Grade 6 Cello exam with Trinity. I currently study under renowned cellists Dale Culliford and Miranda Wilson. I have published 4 children's books. Warmest wishes and kindest regards, Sheena.

What do you specialise in?

Chemistry, English, English Literature, Maths

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How do your lessons usually plan out?

Introduce the topic and a summary of the work that will be covered. I ask the student if they are familiar with the topic and if they are to discuss any areas of difficulty that they may have. Introduce key topic terms. After each slide of information I quiz the student to see if they have understood the information thus far. I give the student examples and ask them to work through each example while I observe. I answer questions and give assistance if necessary. If there is an appropriate topic video I introduce this. I introduce the rest of the theory. Introduce a quiz on the topic or more examples to work through. I encourage the student to ask questions. I close the lesson by reviewing the key points, the quiz and work example strategies and also how this topic relates to tests and exams in the student's current school year. I ask the student for feedback.

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