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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a qualified teacher. I have a doctoral degree in Science from Manchester University. I have also obtained a Master’s degree, in Biomedical Science and a Bachelor’s degree (in Genetics ) from the University of Sheffield (UK). I completed a postgraduate course in education and gained my qualified teacher status from Manchester University. Currently, I am a science teacher in a UK mainstream school. My career has provided me with a rich variety of teaching opportunities. I have been involved in the teaching and training of undergraduate students in different science subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at both Sheffield and Manchester Universities. I have lots of experience teaching Key Stage 3, GCSE, and A-level pupils in both mainstream and private schools in the UK. I have taught Science subjects ( Physics, chemistry, and Biology) to Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students, preparing them for GCSE and A level exams.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

I always make sure my students have the prior knowledge required to understand a new topic. All of the topics in Science subjects are related and just get complicated as the students progress to a higher level. So it is essential for students to have a solid prior knowledge of the new topics they are learning. It is also essential to apply pupils knowledge to exam questions all the time to make sure that they know how to use key terminologies and answer those important questions in the exam. The mark scheme is quite specific for GCSE and A-level exams and the students often don't know how to answer the question properly despite having the knowledge. Therefore, it is vital that they practice exam questions after they have gained their knowledge with an experienced teacher to secure a high grade in exams. I practice this with my KS3 students as well so they get into the habit of how to use key terms to answer questions.

What exam boards and year groups do you teach?

I teach students in KS3, KS4, and KS5 levels. I teach all UK exam boards including AQA, OCR and Edexcel.

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Amazing, friendly teacher! I achieved an A grade! Exactly what I needed for University. Mrs Miraee makes you understand the content and really helps with higher level topics, does not move on until I have understood the exam questions which I think is great, really do enjoy attending my lessons as she makes chemistry seem less daunting, more applicable and fun, I’ve only had her a month or two but have already noticed progress. Definitely recommend for anyone struggling with science and needs that extra support and confidence boost, also assurance of being able to achieve your predicted grade in a short amount of time!


Sadaf is a lovely teacher. My daughter really liked having lessons with her. Sadaf teaching style is really good she teaches in details with child individual need and level. I definitely recommend her.

Lamia Ahmed

Very friendly and great tutor, she really has you understand the topic before you move on. She has really helped me improve my chemistry and i highly recommend her.


Sadaf tutored our daughter for GCSE chemistry. We had tried a few chemistry tutors before but Sadaf was by far the best. Our daughter found her very helpful, patient and clearly explained difficult concepts. We have no hesitation at all in recommending Sadaf.


Sadaf is a excellent tutor. I’ve only had her for about 2 months for A level biology but I can already see progress in my understanding at school. She breaks down the topics your stuck on and adjusts to your learning style. Additionally makes sure to cover everything on the specification and making sure you have a real grasp of everything. I 100% recommend her.

George Mathew

Sadaf is a great tutor who has helped our daughter to improve her confidence in Chemistry. Sadaf is very thorough in her topic and with her effective teaching skills she ensures our daughter fully understands the lessons.


I've been doing the calculations topic for my GCSE and everything has been so much clearer when studying with Mrs Miraee. I didn't now anything about calculations and can now do exam paper questions really easily - all within the span of 4 lessons. We go through questions, really understanding the principle of it before moving on which is the best way to teach someone. I really like it!

Danny Carter

absolutely fantastic, I was struggling massively with titration and after just one tutorial I can breeze through it. interactive teaching style with very simple explanations of complex subject matter.


A wonderful teacher, super kind and massively helped my son ,who was struggling in A-level chemistry, to massively improve in his exams.

Ferzana Kausar

Excellent tutor . My daughter enjoys tuition and Sadaf works around her individual needs and weekly lesson plan is according to what Noor requires she is growing from to strength to strength in science .


I do A-level chemistry with Sam. Lessons are enjoyable and the teaching is easy to understand!


really helpful a level chemistry a level tutor. definitely recommend!


Joy Osei-Anane

Sam is a really good tutor, who puts a lot of detail and energy in her lessons to make them enjoyable and interactive. My lessons were very good and I learnt a lot of information and bettered my understanding of A Level Biology.


Sadaf is a lovely teacher. My son really liked having lessons with her . Definitely recommend for anyone struggling with science




Sadaf helps My daughter with A level biology. My daughter is more confident with biology’s been a great experience so far .

Amanda Manufor

she's really engaging with her lessons and she doesn't stop and move on to a new topic until you're fully confident with you understanding. even with the short time she's taught me I feel like she's helped me improve a lot!

Akter Shahinur

I have been doing A-level chemistry tuition with Sadaf and she has been extremely helpful in breaking down topics so it is easier to understand and the focus on questions further consolidates my learning. I recommend her.


Very professional in teaching

Helen griffiths

Sam is attentive, helpful and very knowledgeable. My daughter feels she has committed topics to memory since starting with Sam and enjoys the sessions , thank you Sam.

Toye Akinwale

Great tutor…very happy with Sadaf’s approach to teaching, recapping and ensuring understanding before moving to next revision topic.

Parm Sandhu

An amazing teacher who is patient and clear with her explanations. Topics are broken down into manageable chunks and then taught thoroughly until the topic is understood. I highly recommend Sam.

Jas Bhattal

My daughter who has been struggling with science for quite a long time.Then we found Sadaf she’s an amazing tutor and boosts your confidence her lessons are enjoyable and she really does help you understand science in a fun way I highly recommend her.

Hafiza Saima Naseem

Sadaf is a very small good teacher, my daughter is happy with her lessons . I would recommend her .

Zarmina Durrani

My son had a lesson with Sam she’s a brilliant Teacher with a good knowledge to understand at what areas of learning the student lacks confidence and ability in Very friendly and clear teaching techniques he enjoyed the lesson.

Deepali Prabhu

Sadaf has great teaching methods. She is clear and concise. She helps understand the content of the course and is patient even if it takes a few attempts till one understands it. Would highly recommend her.

Priscilla Erihri


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Biology IB
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Chemistry IB
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