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I like to make my lessons as enjoyable and interactive as possible, as I believe it makes the student more relaxed and they can gain the most out of their session! For all my lessons, I produce a PDF document on the relevant topic that we are working on, which includes; Relevant parts of the specification relating to the part of the topic we are covering, all the information that is needing to be reviewed and retained before the exam and clear diagrams which help break down the information. I will go through this document and ask them questions about the topic along the way to make sure they are engaging with the information. After the topic has been reviewed and I feel like the student has understood it, I like to go over exam questions that relate to it. I believe that doing sufficient exam practice is the key to achieving the highest grades in the exams, as it checks whether the student has fully understood everything that has been reviewed and also identifies any areas that may need to be gone over in future lessons. To end the lesson, I always like the check that the student has felt that what has been done in the session has been beneficial and check whether there's anything specific that they would like the review for next time. I will also set them exam questions to do for the next session, which we can review in our next lesson. My name is Saaya and I am a Dental student at the University of Manchester. I have always had a passion for learning new information and my specific interest has always been in biology, hence me now studying a degree that is so heavily focused on this subject! Through hard work, knowing my subject and being able to understand exam techniques that work, I was able to achieve high grades in both my A levels and GCSEs, which allowed me to study at one of the best universities in the UK, doing a course which is both highly competitive and more importantly, one that I love! I have a fresh perspective on what makes a good tutor (after having one myself) and which techniques help a student retain and understand a subject better. By adopting a positive attitude I hope to make the student feel comfortable and confident within the subject, whilst adapting the way I work when needed. Practising exam technique is key to my lessons and this is something I go over extensively after making sure the student has a thorough understanding of the subject. I teach GCSE and KS3 Biology, English Literature and English Language. I am confident in teaching all 3 of these subjects, as I not only achieved highly in them myself but also greatly enjoyed learning about them. I will tailor my teaching style depending on what exam board the student is under, as I have a good knowledge of all of the main specifications, such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc and am aware that the exam style for each of them differ slightly. My teaching style is very much adaptable depending on what student I am teaching and what style of learning they respond to the best. However, as a blanket rule, I like to adopt a positive, enthusiastic approach to the topic that I am teaching as I believe that this makes the lessons more engaging and the student responds better to them overall.

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