Keerthana GEnthusiastic KS1- GCSE Math and Science Tutor!

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About Keerthana

As a Software Engineering Graduate, I am very passionate about helping students develop a creative and inquisitive mind. 

I'm very patient and a good listener. I understand that students learn in a variety of ways, some are kinesthetic or visual learners and require more hands-on experiments to grasp a concept, whereas others learn through memory testing. Regardless of their ways of learning, I hope to help them achieve their full potential.

I have experience tutoring KS1, KS2, KS3 (Maths and English) and GCSE (Science and Math). I have been a tutor for a year teaching primary school students English, Science and Mathematics in lots of different interactive ways. I have also taught pupils with special educational needs, as well as children with different abilities, hence I am able to adapt my teaching to help the student achieve their best. 

*DBS checked, as this is a requirement when working within a school.  

My A-Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology as well as Physics and Computing at AS. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Reviews from Other Students

  • Hannah

    6th November

    Kat is very friendly and super approachable. She’s been easy to contact and understood my requests for my goddaughter’s tutoring. The sessions have only just begun but it’s been a great start so far.

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