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The immense value of philosophical enquiry has been perennially present from the beginnings of civilisation to our present era, and my unstinting, lifelong conviction holds that the intellectual capacity to engage with and attempt to answer philosophical questions is one of the most important characteristics that we associate with being human. My commitment to bringing this perspective to students and others through teaching and a variety of publishing projects has informed my career choices for over 35 years. Religion and Philosophy 1986. This was at the point I completed my PhD and when my first wife became seriously affected by rheumatoid arthritis. A career that would allow me to manage my caring duties with working at something useful and intellectually satisfying was essential. Teaching and tutoring, in the various contexts to which I applied myself, fitted the bill. Moving the world, by however tiny an increment, away from the barbarity and philistinism that so afflicts it. And thinking. Thinking is always good. Relaxed and conversational. Probably a bit like Wittgenstein. Seeing those I support flourish and begin growing into their potential. And also reassessing everything I think I know on a fairly regular basis. My duty as a teacher is to help the student become a better person through the process of learning, not just to learn a body of knowledge or some special competency, but also to have some insight into why doing any of this is worthwhile for living a good life as a good human being. The teacher is a mere facilitator of the student’s own capacity to educate themselves.

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