Deniz G

Knowledgeable and Patient Chemistry Tutor

£40 per hour

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A bit about Deniz G

Hi, I'm Deniz, a Chemistry tutor with 17 years experience, holding a PhD at Polymer Chemistry. I've always been an enthusiastic teacher and aim to give you the confidence and understanding to do well in your exams. Chemistry and teaching are my two passions so I teach Chemistry in a patient, structural and friendly way so that you can get good results in chemistry. 

Not everyone learns in the same way - I use lots of different teaching methods until you feel confident with a topic (diagrams, Q&As, analogies, detailed explanations to look at/listen to). I believe success comes along with hardworking and structural learning therefore I prepare my lessons in a well structured form that students easily cover the topics. At the beginning of the session, I ask which part of chemistry/topic he/she is struggling then ask few questions to assess students' prior knowledge thus we can plan our further lessons step by step. At the end of the session, we'll go through exam questions on the topic we've covered, to practice exam technique and apply your knowledge in the way you`re going to be assessed. 

After the session, I'll provide you with a written document containing the key points and explanations from the tutorial. I am available for individual and group tuition on a variety of chemistry subjects. I have s DBS check . If you'd like to meet me before booking a session, you can book a free introduction session! When booking a session please let me know: 1. Your subject and level (e.g. AS Chemistry), 2. Your exam board (e.g. AQA), 3. The topic(s) you want to cover (e.g. chemical reactions). 

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to meeting you!


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Science KS3
Chemistry IB
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Chemistry Degree