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Chemistry tutor: GCSE, A Level, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher - England & Scotland

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Edlira is a friendly experienced Chemistry tutor to Degree level, tutoring in both the English and Scottish education systems.

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Tutoring Chemistry for these levels: GCSE, AS/A - Level [AQA, OCR, WJEC / Eduqas] and National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher Chemistry [SQA]. Teaching General Chemistry at High school / College up to BSc level. I also have taught Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Management and Environmental Science. I love chemistry in general and I do love teaching it! Chemistry was one of my favourite subjects in high school. I won prizes in many Olympiads and chemistry competitions between schools and was involved a lot with the school’s chemistry club. I went on to study Industrial Chemistry at the University (5 year BSc programme) and was employed right after graduation as a University Lecturer & Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania where I taught Chemistry to the first year engineering students for 17 years before moving to Edinburgh. I studied for my MSc at the University of Oxford and later on carried out research at the University of Oxford, UK; University of California – Riverside, USA; Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary etc. I am a Fulbright Scholar and a Chevening FCO Scholar. In the UK I have about 5 years experience teaching at the HND level and over 8 years experience in online tutoring. I started my own business in May 2019 as an Educational Consultant (freelance Tutor/Lecturer) to devote more time to online tuition and have flexibility in setting lesson times. I am a fan of the interactive way of teaching / tutoring. Together, the student and I, form a team. I listen to students as they address their existing knowledge gaps based on which we perform a Need Assessment Analysis and agree on a tutoring plan. I am flexible to meet their needs whether it is help with certain theoretical topics or help to apply the theory for problem solving. I demonstrate how to use the theoretical knowledge to solve problems and then I engage them to practice with similar examples to reinforce the knowledge and also with exam-like questions to enable them to prepare for exams. I encourage students to ask me questions and I guide them step by step to find the answers. I have a BSc in Industrial Chemistry; an MSc in Environmental Change and Management; and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry. In the UK I also have studied for and received the Certificate for a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching and for an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. I love helping my students fill in their knowledge gaps, boost their confidence and approach exams / tests with a more relaxed attitude as they master exam techniques. For many of my students chemistry becomes one of their favourite subjects after a few tutorials. Their joy is obvious and it becomes my joy too. In Scotland (SQA): National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. In the UK (AQA, OCR, WJEC / Eduqas ): GCSE and IGCSE / AS &A levels / IB. I also help students prepare for their assignments and projects. Reading books; gardening; photography; going out for walks in nature; watching sunrises and sunsets etc. I enjoy seeing my students progress and achieve their goals in exams. Tutoring also motivates me to keep up to date with the most recent chemistry / applied chemistry developments in order to offer the best service possible to my students. Some of my recent CPD courses are given here: Harvard University (January 2022) - Principles of Biochemistry Course / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (December 2021) - General Chemistry II Course / University of Tokyo (September 2021) - Basic Analytical Chemistry Course / University of York, UK (July 2021) - Exploring Everyday Chemistry Course / National Stem Learning Centre (June 2021) - Teaching Practical Science Chemistry / British Council (July 2021) - Teaching Young Learners Online / University of Edinburgh (October 2020) - Climate change: Carbon Capture and Storage. etc. ... Learning never ends ... and that's why I love tutoring!

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