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Chemistry tutor - National 5; Higher; Advanced Higher; GCSE; A- Levels - England & Scotland

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Edlira is a friendly experienced Chemistry tutor to Degree level, tutoring in both the English and Scottish education systems.

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Tutoring Chemistry for these levels: GCSE, AS/A - Level [AQA, OCR, WJEC / Eduqas] and National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher Chemistry [SQA]. Teaching General Chemistry at High school / College up to BSc level. I also have taught Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Management and Environmental Science. I love chemistry in general and I do love teaching it! Chemistry was one of my favourite subjects in high school. I won prizes in many Olympiads and chemistry competitions between schools and was involved a lot with the school’s chemistry club. I went on to study Industrial Chemistry at the University (5 year BSc programme) and was employed right after graduation as a University Lecturer & Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania where I taught Chemistry to the first year engineering students for 17 years before moving to Edinburgh. I studied for my MSc at the University of Oxford and later on carried out research at the University of Oxford, UK; University of California – Riverside, USA; Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary etc. I am a Fulbright Scholar and a Chevening FCO Scholar. In the UK I have about 5 years experience teaching at the HND level and over 8 years experience in online tutoring. I started my own business in May 2019 as an Educational Consultant (freelance Tutor/Lecturer) to devote more time to online tuition and have flexibility in setting lesson times. I am a fan of the interactive way of teaching / tutoring. Together, the student and I, form a team. I listen to students as they address their existing knowledge gaps based on which we perform a Need Assessment Analysis and agree on a tutoring plan. I am flexible to meet their needs whether it is help with certain theoretical topics or help to apply the theory for problem solving. I demonstrate how to use the theoretical knowledge to solve problems and then I engage them to practice with similar examples to reinforce the knowledge and also with exam-like questions to enable them to prepare for exams. I encourage students to ask me questions and I guide them step by step to find the answers. I have a BSc in Industrial Chemistry; an MSc in Environmental Change and Management; and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry. In the UK I also have studied for and received the Certificate for a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching and for an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. Chemistry is a very beautiful subject and it's very useful in our everyday life. Sadly many students don't feel that way before my tutorials. For various reasons chemistry has not been their cup of tea. I believe this is where the role of the chemistry teacher/tutor kicks in: to present chemistry in a way that is tangible for the student by giving them a lot of practical applications of theoretical knowledge especially by associating that knowledge with examples from our everyday life. Chemistry has too many of such examples! I love helping my students fill in their knowledge gaps and become competent enough to solve themselves 'those difficult chemistry problems that they had struggled so much with previously'. I also love helping my students boost their confidence and approach exams / tests with a more relaxed attitude as they master exam techniques. For many of my students chemistry becomes their favourite subject after a few tutorials. Their joy is obvious and it becomes my joy too. In Scotland (SQA): National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. In the UK (AQA, OCR, WJEC / Eduqas ): GCSE and IGCSE / AS &A levels / IB. I also help students prepare for their assignments and projects. Reading books; gardening; photography; going out for walks in nature; watching sunrises and sunsets etc. I enjoy seeing my students progress and achieve their goals in exams. Tutoring also motivates me to keep up to date with the most recent chemistry / applied chemistry developments in order to offer the best service possible to my students. Some of my recent CPD courses are given here: Harvard University (January 2022) - Principles of Biochemistry Course / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (December 2021) - General Chemistry II Course / University of Tokyo (September 2021) - Basic Analytical Chemistry Course / University of York, UK (July 2021) - Exploring Everyday Chemistry Course / National Stem Learning Centre (June 2021) - Teaching Practical Science Chemistry / British Council (July 2021) - Teaching Young Learners Online / University of Edinburgh (October 2020) - Climate change: Carbon Capture and Storage. etc. ... Learning never ends ... and that's why I love tutoring!

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