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Tom D


Passionate History Graduate from the University of Warwick

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I am a recent History graduate that has a keen interest in all things Russian / Soviet. I also have expertise in broader 20th century history, Political Theory and Ideology, Warfare, and Social movements. I achieved an A* at GCSE, A at A level, and a 2:1 at Degree level. Fundamentally, I understand what markers want to see. I started tutoring at university, I engaged in a mentor scheme and helped multiple students improve their essays by thoroughly reading and editing them. I give very useful and detailed feedback, always keeping in mind what is necessary to achieve the highest marks. History is a fantastically exciting subject, it helps you to hone your skills of communication and prepares you to engage with other people over the key issues of the day. Once you understand historical trends it helps you to understand the problems we face it today's world. Another key skill that History develops is the ability to take lots of complex information, distil it, and use it to form persuasive arguments. I love this aspect of teaching because it allows us to improve our arguments by criticising them, picking at flaws in our writing enables us to better our style and our thinking. I am very informative and exam / essay oriented. Knowledge is one thing, knowing how to use it is something else. While I may not be knowledgeable in every field, I know the underlying principles required to produce a stellar piece of writing. Another thing that I can provide is enthusiasm! I love history and I enjoy sharing my passion with likeminded people and those who are eager and willing to learn. My teaching style is not one-way either, I try to foster active discussion because I believe this is the best way to learn and engage with a topic. Importantly, also, I have a tried and tested technique for learning and retaining content that I have used since I studied at GCSE level. I think that using this technique, as well as promoting open discussion, is a recipe for success at any level of education. I really enjoy sharing my passion for history, and strive to improve constantly. I feel that this is reflected in my tutoring. Having recently completed my undergraduate studies, I decided to pursue a Masters in Business and Accounting. Further developing my skills of communication and analysis in a new arena. Aside from tutoring I am an avid follower of all things football, I support Birmingham City (if you can call that football) and have played for my local team for over 15 years! I also love to travel abroad and visit places of historical intrigue, museums, galleries, and sample local cuisines. I feel that understanding a city's history helps you to better enjoy your experiences within them. Rather than sticking to regimented work sheets or textbooks, my teaching style is far more emphasised on encouraging free thought. I believe that it is far easier to remember content when you understand it and can actively critique the themes that it presents. Encouraging a student to critically analyse information they are presented with, especially during source work, enables a deeper grasp of the topic. I have 2 history GCSES: I got a B in GCSE History when I was 14, I then took History again at iGCSE when I was 16 and got an A*. I also have an A at A-level, where I studied Warfare (1750-1950), Russia (1876-1953) and England (1377-1455). At undergraduate degree level I studied a range of modules with a distinct focus on early modern and modern history. My specialism was the USSR which is why I chose to write my dissertation through my Stalinism module.

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