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Nothing is impossible in mathematics, every problem can be solved.

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After taking a number of students through a series of lessons on mathematics, they developed a firm understanding of the subject and obtained profound grades afterwards. I had a chat with a student three years ago, after our chat, I discovered that mathematics was a hard nut to crack for him and most of his friends, I looked at his grades and they concurred with my discovery; however, one of the reasons it seemed that way to them was because they already had the mindset that mathematics was difficult to deal with, I felt bad about that and volunteered to teach them mathematics. The outcome of my teachings inspired me to keep up the good work: not only did these students develop a firm understanding of mathematics, but they also stopped seeing it as a difficult task. I started tutoring in 2019 after I found out that students around me encountered difficulty in mathematics. I decided to tutor them and take them to that level where they would no longer see mathematics as a big task; I ended up achieving my goal and more. I enjoy solving mathematics because its application is involved in our day-to-day activities. My love for maths made me choose a course that consists of both mathematics and its branch; I am currently studying Computing Science and Mathematics at the University of Stirling.

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